Thursday, August 04, 2011

Life Long Promise

When Our Daughter J was really little there were a few nights that she was having trouble sleeping. She seemed a bit worried, but wouldn't tell me right away what was troubling her. The second night as I slept I felt a little nudge and opened my eyes to see her yet again out of bed.

"Can I sleep with you?" She asked sweetly

"Of course." I answered and set her up in the middle where for the rest of the night my husband and I were consistently slapped by her arms and kicked in the stomach by her tiny feet.

The next night as I tucked her into bed she looked at me again with a worried look.

"What is it sweetie?" I asked

She  breathlessly answered with a question

"Mama, are you going to pass away?" Her eyes glistened with tears.

Her question took me by surprise. My heart broke for her because she had come to the realization that everyone dies.

I answered

"Yes, I will, but not for a long long time." We talked for a while and we talked about God and heaven and I told her that I would be here with her for a very very long time.

" Mama, how long? she asked

"Well, if all goes right about 125 years." I know, I know what you are thinking, to this day I don't know why I chose 125, maybe I wanted to pick a ridiculous number so that she wouldn't worry so much. It seemed to quell her fears and she slept soundly after that.

A few years later I found out I had cancer and was so afraid that I would break this promise.
God was merciful and allowed me to stay.....and for that I am grateful to Him for each and every day I have with my Kids..

Now all I gotta do is stick around for another 78 years!

Here is a cute video and song that I hope you enjoy...Have a Blessed Day!



  1. So you are a cancer survivor? How many years now? You must have gotten early detection, I'm so glad you are cured!!!! My husband and mom both had cancer, and my best friend does now.

  2. 125 years is ok.. I would also like to live more then 125 years :) I think it's so hard to have that kind of talk with little ones..

  3. This is the sweetest post ever, the promise you made.. 78yrs is yours for the livingThis is the sweetest post ever, the promise you made.. 78yrs is yours for the living

  4. I love that little song. I remember coming to that realization as a kid, too. It is scary. Here's to 78 more years!!

  5. Wow, what a sweet story, thanks for sharing.

  6. This is such a sweet story. I love the little video. Sending loving thoughts of continued healing and longevity your way...

  7. What a lovely story. I think 125 years was a perfectly fine answer!


  8. A wonderful story! May you live to the ripe old age of 126.

  9. what a beautiful story and cute song. hugs sweetie

  10. @ Ginny~I will pray for your friend. It has been 3 years since my operation. But this year I was considered a survivor. I wrote about it in april during the A to Z challenge. It's under O,P and Q.

    @ Marina~ Yes it is hard to talk about that subject with kids.

    @ Poetic Soul~ Thank You!

    @ Ma~ Thank You I think the song is really cute too!

    @ Toyin O.~ Yoy're welcome!

    @ Retired English Teacher ~ aww you are very sweet thank you!

    @ Claudia ~ Thank you!

    @ Becca ~ Thanks Becca! Hugs back to you!

  11. Joanne - Congratulations on being a survivor. I can't imagine what you have been through, but I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Your little one needed the reassurance you offered. And 125 years isn't all that farfetched...Methuselah lived 900, right? :) My friend's little girl recently climbed into her lap and said, "I wanna die when you die." Little kids see things through a different lens sometimes and we have to view through the same one to understand where they're coming from. I think you did that.

  12. @ Lisa Ricard Claro~ Oh God bless her sweet little heart! I get a lump in my throat just reading that about your friend's daughter! Thank you for your kind words I was officially a survivor this January! Praise God!!!!

  13. What a sweet caring daughter you have. I loved your story and wish you continued health.

    I went to a seminar last month and they were talking about cancer. The instructor told us, If we can keep our bodies alkaline, cancer can not grow. I think that could be true, ... not sure what to think.

    Because of candida, which can lead to cancer, I have to keep my body alkaline to keep yeast from growing and spreading again through my digestive tract.
    Great Post!!! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Aww! What a sweet girl.

    Love the video, too!


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