Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Earlier this week it rained like I have never seen before. The news said we got 10 inches! Went downstairs and suprise!... the basement was flooded. We immediately tried to salvage what we could and removed carpet padding and hopefully we can save the carpet. So today I had a bit of time and went out into my back yard to enjoy the to do what to do? Should I pick some tomatoes?

Nope They are still green...well, I have never tried to make fried green tomatoes before....
naaaaaa not in the mood

Hey Da' Mom Play with meeeeeeeeeee

              Or maybe I'll pick some basil and make pesto! yum!.....nope I'll leave that for the weekend

Ahem, Mom? How 'bout playing with me????

Oh Man, I could sit right there on my swing and read my book...bliss!


OK OK, I hear ya, let me go inside and get your toys

I got your ball



                                          Your pull rope

Your duckie


                                   and last but not least I can't forget your frisbee 

     Ok Max, I'm ready!

                                      MAX?.... Where are you?


                               Poor baby you got tired of waiting

                            I'll be ready to play when you wake up.


  1. Max is adorable.

    Now about that pesto...


  2. That was so cute!! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday. xoxo, Lisa

  3. LOL! So typical! Yum! I love fresh basil and pesto!

  4. Max is so cute, how can you resist him. And then he takes a nap.

  5. I hope you could save the rug, let us know! That is one cool dog frisbee!

  6. Sorry your basement was flooded. I hope there was minimal damage. It seems this years has been extreme weather for many people but in different ways. We have a drought here. Please send some rain our way.

  7. Sorry to hear about your basement. Hope you got to have lots of fun outside!

  8. No rain here and my tomatoes are still green, too. But have lots and lots of squash!
    Aren't dogs just like kids sometimes? Hope you had a great playtime!

  9. Sorry your basement flooded. This post was so charming though, with the wonderful dog and the icons, and then the dog napping. I loved reading this.
    Thank You.

  10. First off homemade Pesto YUMMY!

    Second off that is so my life with the boys ... lol. Mom when will be done working, when you stop bugging me. The more you bug me the less time I have ... ugh

  11. Lol!! That is the best and just put the biggest smile on my face. Nummy...fried green tomatoes. Your backyard sounds wonderful. Have a great weekend!

    P.S. Every time I see your blog...10mintues2breathe. It reminds me to take a deep breath and I love that. :-)

  12. @ Pearl~ Thanks Max is a keeper!

    @ Lisa~ Thanks! I can't wait too! I miss you guys!!!

    @ Darlene~ Yes! I love picking the leaves...they smell so good!

    @ Beth~ I can't resist him! Thats my problem...he is soooo spoiled!:O)

    @ Ginny~ Thanks Ginny The carpet seems ok but what a mess!

    @ Barb~ I hear about so much drought...I wish I could send some rain your fact it's raining here right now!

    @ Maeve Frazier~ It was a perfect day yesterday and for the better part of today

    @ Anthony Stemke~ I am glad you enjoyed it! Thank You!

    @ Rae~He is just like a baby! You got alot of squash? I'm jealous! we hardly got any this year!

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~I know that feeling well. at the end of the day I wonder what the heck I got done!!!

    @ Tracy Jo~ Awww you're sweet thank you so much!!!

  13. Flooded basement, I'm so sorry. I know we have major water woes every spring here. I hope you have drier days ahead!


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