Thursday, August 11, 2011



 Sometimes our dreams don't turn out as we planned. At times there might be a bump in the road that makes us veer off in a whole new direction. A person who studied all there life to become a playwright might instead find themselves working as a teacher with  children with special needs. whatever our path and where ever we end up there will hopefully always be that one person who said " go for it" you can do it".  I want to be that person to my kids. I want to be the person that says " Go for it!"  and always always show them how proud I am of them...Just like my Dad was for me.      

Who is your biggest cheerleader? Do you know who considers You their biggest cheerleader?



  1. My biggest cheerleader/supporter wouldh have to be my dad he has always made me feel so special and that I can do whatever it is that I want to do.....I have always told my girls that I am proud of them and that I belive in them and know if they really want something that they will give it their best shot............years ago I can remember my grandsons father Jono telling me he wanted to be a lawyer and I told him if that's what he wants then to give it his best shot, when he told his mother the same thing she said yeah like that's going to happen and I thought what parent says that to their child how unsupportive.............

  2. He and his dad should both have gotten medals! What happened to him, I couldn't make out what he said? My husband is my biggest cheerleader, and I hope I am his. I hope I am also my best friend's, who is going through chemo again after ovarian cancer returning.

  3. It depends on what they're cheering for, but when it comes to writing my biggest cheerleaders are my mother and daughters. I think I am probably my wife's biggest cheerleader.

    Tossing It Out

  4. I have found some wonderful cheerleaders among my bloggy friends. It was a less than gentle push that got me to stop procrastinating and start creating.
    But my best cheerleader would be my husband who supports me no matter what.
    Who's cheerleader am I? Hopefully someones

  5. My biggest cheerleader is my sister Rae and I know for a fact that I am hers.

  6. My BW is my biggest cheerleader, and I hers.

  7. I use to be able to say my dad but sadly over the years my step mom has kind of ruined that relationship. My great bloggy friends have helped a lot and give me pick ups when I need :). Like you my dear!


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