Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting For Irene


   I know I wrote that I wasn't going to post on the weekends anymore , but right now I can't sleep and I thought maybe if I sat here and wrote it would help.

It is so quiet right now. Everyone in the house is asleep and even the dog came out for only a second to check on me. He too is sleeping soundly now.

Tomorrow the bad weather will begin introducing us to a very bad Hurricane. The real damage will come Sunday when the heart of Irene will make its debut here.

Today was a beautiful day. It almost gave you a false sense of security. I mean how can such a bad storm follow such a beautiful day?

Everyone is trying to remain cool and confident, but just one look at the empty store shelves shares how people are feeling...a bit scared. There's been a mandatory evacuation of the coastline and it makes me wonder how bad is this going to really be? Outside right now it is so eerily quiet. I am waiting. I hate this wait. It worries me to think of flooding and damage and God forbid people getting hurt or worse.

We managed to make an emergency kit. Years ago my Hubby bought a cool little radio that runs on a rechargeable battery and a crank. I am grateful for that because all of those kind of items have long ago left the shelves of stores. We bought as much water as we could and also bought some canned goods ...just in case. We have matches and a first aid kit. Our phones are fully charged and we brought into the garage the swing and hammock from the back yard.

After all that I am still not feeling prepared. I am praying for all those people that are being affected by Irene right now and in the days to come.

There is nothing more to do, so now I will try to calmly listen to this silence.

                                  The quiet before the storm.


  1. sending you hugs and hoping you and your family come through it all safe and with little damage.

  2. Prayers for you and your family Joanne!

  3. Oh Joanne, thank you for coming by! Please come again....but let me say that my prayers are with you all on the East coast and may you be safe and out of harm's way. I lived in Mass. for 11 years and as violent as our weather is here in Minnesota, those hurricane winds out by the sea are really terrifying. Peace to all and may God grant safety to every living soul.


  4. My prayers are with all of you in the path of the storm. Stay safe!!
    Joanne, will you give me your permission to print your post in my blog today? I will give full credit to you. It is hard for me to imagine what you are all going through.

  5. I dont know where you live exactly, but I'll be praying for your safety.

  6. @ Mynx~ Thank you!

    @ Ma` Thank You!

    @ Castles Crowns and Cottages~ Thank you!

    @ Beth~ Sure you can... and thank you!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Thank you!

    Thank You all for your concern and all your sweet comments. Right now its just drizzling and its hard to imagine that a huge storm is coming. I keep hoping it stops dead in it's tracks. Can storms do that? anyway, Please keep all of te Eastern seaboard in your prayers. From they keep telling us...Its a biggie.

  7. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry! I don't know where you live, so didn't know if this storm would affect you or not. I hope you aren't near the east coast? At times I think the waiting really is the hardest part. Because your mind goes wild and you don't know what you are dealing with yet. But you are well prepared and it is all in God's hands now. Please continue to let us know how you are and what is going on.

  9. Stay safe! I think we are all waiting to sing 'Goodnight Irene!' (that is actually the title to a song.) -Maeve from - I tried signing in under my blogger but it wouldn't allow me to, today)

  10. Oh hon,
    I didn't know you're in the danger zone.
    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
    Stay safe.

  11. I have been watching the coverage on CNN. You and the thousands of people involved are in our prayers.

  12. Thoughts with you and your family (and your dog of course!). I don't know if they can stop in their tracks but I have learned they lose force as they continue, so maybe it will not be as bad as predicted. We get lots of cyclones up north and they usually fizzle down before they hit towns.
    Does sound like hubby's keeping a calm head and is prepared.
    Best wishes!
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  13. sending positive thoughts that all goes well. keep us imformed if you can. hugs

  14. Praying for you, and also, for my nephew, who was in NY on vacation and is now stuck there.

    Hugs...and peace.

    PS - thanks for visiting my blog! What is Dribble?

  15. I figured out who Dribble was! Sorry, had a brain wave this morning. Come by anytime, girlie, and stay safe!

  16. Hi came over from Beth's blog. I live near Boston. We are I write this at 12:15 Sunday we are having wind gusts up to 60 mph with rain. So far so good up here. Hope you are doing well.

  17. Sending you love my dear!! Hope you are safe and your house is standing up right :).

    Good for you taking the weekends off, I do the same gives me a little time off.

  18. I hope you and your family are safe and dry. I have followed it on TV and it was a fierce storm.

  19. Hope you made it through the storm okay! Strange thing -- when I was stocking up on supplies the emptiest shelves were for bread. Does everyone run out and buy bread when there's an emergency??

  20. Hope you and your family are safe and sound came over from Beth's Blog.


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