Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First Family "Vacation"

Before we had our first baby my husband and I would       


Every week (it seemed) we went to

Once Baby came along  

                         Kind of stopped 

We were madly in love with our little baby.

She was perfect in every way. ....except she had a teensy weensy bout of colic

As a result we got no more than 25 minutes of sleep at a time.

Cabin fever

Lack of sleep

Lack of showers (why couldn't I just get in that bathroom!!!!????)

Lack of anything familiar

this prompted us to come up with the brilliant idea of taking a trip when she was 5 weeks old....we were idiots.

The day finally came.

After lists and more lists and virtually packing for days....we were ready.


after a very warm winter, this day was dreary and cold.

"Maybe we should think this through Joanne" Hubby suggested.

We decided to try our luck at a local diner at an off peak time to at least get out of the apartment and decide.

The baby slept quietly as we had coffee and a huge pastry

When all of a sudden we hear... 



Hubby and I froze...How could such frighteningly loud sounds come from such a little body?????  Yep this was a enormous job. She had spit up all over herself and finished off her sound effects show with a very dirty diaper.

"Waitress is there a changing table in the bathroom?"
"No, sorry" she answered with a smile


So I did the balancing act in the car with the baby as I changed her clothes and diaper.

Even though it was winter I was sweating profusely.  The baby was uncomfortable,,,I was uncomfortable and soon my mood was going to make my husband very uncomfortable. I came back into the diner looking like a disheveled zombie.

We decided then and there that we were just not prepared to take a trip as a family. She was too little, we were too new at this and too sleep deprived to take a trip much less enjoy it.

Dejected and very sad when we got home I bathed the baby and unpacked everything. A week's worth of packing down the drain. I looked at the baby and she was fast asleep! No crying, no fussing, asleep like a little angel.

My Husband and I looked at each other, he unplugged the phone and we raced to our bed and quickly fell asleep.

The baby slept for four hours! and so did we.

After our welcomed nap both Hubby and I felt amazing and completely rested. Four hours of uninterrupted slumber had rejuvenated us. We picked up the baby and placed her between us on our bed. We hung out there for a while and smiled at all her little cooing sounds. Things were different that was true.....and we loved our new life. 

And that my friends is how we spent our first family vacation.



  1. Memories. I holidayed with little babies and toddlers. Remember one trip with a baby tat screamed non stop for over an hour until he exhausted himself. Then he slept and started again. 7 hour drive with a screaming baby

  2. I remember the colic well. My daughter had it and sleep was very rare that first few months.

    Children are well worth it though, aren't they?

  3. How sweet! I loved having my four 'babies'! Life was never dull! Now I'm older...and miss them all! Enjoy this special time! And come by to enter my giveaway when you can! ♥

  4. Boy, this reminds me of our first vacation with our son. He got very ill with a high fever ending up in the ER, a dog bit my husband and I got sun poisoning. It was a long time before we went on vacation again. However, we did and we did enjoy them more as the children grew older.
    Mrs. J.

  5. Wow that was an exhausting first vacation! I am sure it is a good memory now...

  6. What a great story! I identify with the "no baby changing station" problem. But, the four hour nap...goodness, that sounded wonderful!

  7. So funny! But it still has a happy ending!!! We were out to dinner with our grandbaby in a fancy restaurant when she had a very messy poop. Her dad ended up up having to give her a bath in the restaurant bathroom sink!!!

  8. I love how you told this! Any nap you get when you have a new baby is a Very Happy Vacation! Enjoy as many of them as you can get!

  9. Kids do have a huge impact on our lives. When my kids were very young my wife and I had a job where we were always on the road. Our kids went everywhere that we went--restaurants, movies, long stretches of driving. They adapted to the lifestyle and we had no problems. Life with our babies and small children was actually pretty easy.

    Tossing It Out

  10. What a lovely tale. That was a memory that you will cherish to the end.

  11. How precious. I loved this story, and the way you told it only added to its delight.

  12. Sounds like that was a vacation well worth the effort.

  13. @ Oh my Goodness 7 hours! It's a shock you can still hear at all!!!LOL!

    @ Ma~ Thank You!

    @ Beth~ Yes, I do it over a million times for my kids!

    @ ~Lavender Dreamer~ I miss the baby stage too!

    @ Mrs. J. and Miss J~ Wow you had quite the experience!!!

    @ Kim @ Stuff could...~ Yes it was!

    @ Susan Kane~ That reprieve was a gift from God!

    @ Ginny~ Wow! what a good Dad!

    @ Maeve Frazier~ I considered taking showers a mini vacation too! LOL

    @ Arlee Bird~ You must have some really great memories

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Yes we often think back to that day.

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Thank you!

    @ Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com~ Yes it was!

    @ Mindy~ Thank You!


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