Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Minutes To Pray for.....

             I am a great believer in prayer. It was prayer and God's answer to them that gave me strength and held me up during the worst times of my life. I felt others giving me strength through their prayers for me. In turn I have seen the results of praying with others as well. A calmness and clarity that seems to envelope people after they pray is truly God's way of saying
 "It's OK, I am here."
Over the summer I was at a J's house enjoying her bath temp pool. As my other friend A and I were having a conversation about prayer J's husband asked
" What is it exactly that you pray for?"
I answered. "I pray for my family, my friends. I pray to give thanks...." I have so much to be thankful for. Today I was going to write about something completely different but this post kept creeping in nagging at me and finally I have given in. I believe in prayer. I  pray for those close to me and those around the world that may be suffering, but today I chose to pray for those that perhaps have lost their way.  In the news recently was reported a story of a neighbor feud that has resulted in one neighbor harassing a dying child. Despicable I thought. When I saw this woman's face on TV spouting such evilness I wished ( like I'm sure many have ) I could have reached through the screen and given her a taste of what she has inflicted to that little girl. I read that many have taken to the Internet to post their own version of taunts at this woman and her husband. I wondered if instead of doing that we all prayed for her? The thought almost left a bad taste in my mouth. I remember being bullied as a child and even so I cannot fathom what this little girl and her family have been going through. Then I thought again, what if....I took time out today to pray for the little girl but at the same time I prayed for her tormentor and her family too. For me this is not that easy. I am not a readily forgiving person; it takes me a long long time (something I struggle with and pray constantly about )and quite honestly I don't know if (God forbid) this happened to me or my family I would be able to pray for her. I hope and pray that I never have to find that out. That being said I thought hard and tried to place my heart in a giving, calm, loving state. I mean  I spend so much time praying for those who I love; why not pray for those who at this moment are in a very dark place in their lives?  I prayed that God would change that woman and her husband's heart. I prayed that God's light would shine on them and they would see...truly see God's love for them because once we see and feel His love for us there is NO turning back!  Do I hear an Amen? 


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