Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner Party, Dinner Flop

                        Do you float through your dinner parties gracefully filling glasses and plates with sumptuous drinks and foods that are so artfully put together people don't know whether to eat them or frame them? When you welcome your guest at the door are you in full professional-like makeup wearing some beautiful designer outfit? I am NOT that person and it has been a struggle, but a funny one.

OK, picture it. I was married a little under a year and was very nervous to cook for anyone much less my Husband's family.  I invited my in laws My Mother-in-law (who's a great cook) My Father-in-law (who's not afraid to state his opinions), My two Brothers-in-law and Sister-in-law. My Husband and I decided to cook fresh fish with a side of pasta and home-made pesto. We would have a great starter (don't remember what it was) and a home-made cake with gourmet ice cream. Simple enough right? Hold that thought.

Early that morning my husband went to the Fish market to get the freshest fish fillets possible. Light beautiful fish fillets....He came back with thick cuts of fish steaks (fish cut across the spine instead of long thinner slices cut along either side of the spine. no bones) I was a bit peeved. OK, I'm lying I was fuming! I had no time to go on a rant because I was busy making fresh pesto and decided there was nothing I could do about it. The dinner would be OK I was sure. Since my husband and I weren't used to both being in the kitchen working together we were completely stepping on each other's toes figuratively and physically.

 Everything took twice as long to make and we didn't figure in the time to clean up and the time it would take to get ready. Our guests found us both in our jeans, bare foot and me fresh face no make up. We said the heck with it and kept on going. Wine served and appetizers on their way. Now what happened next wasn't tragic or life threating but we look back and my husband and I think it was hilarious. My husband or I (we blame each other) decided to put the pasta in the boiling water way too early then forgot about it. The resulting pasta, was not al dente more like al mushe. We tried again. As I collected all the appetizer plates my darling husband was serving the pasta and fish dishes. Now anyone who knows my Husband knows he definitely comes from a place called More is More.  I watched in horror as our guests were being served pasta with Mountains of pesto on top.

As I prayed that no one would choke on  fish bones I was sent on the brink of insanity and complete despair when as our family conversed I discovered their teeth were covered with the green pesto. I was mortified. My Gracious in-laws accepted this disastrous meal (which tasted OK) with the love that it was intended for them to feel...  and never spoke of it again. Since then My husband and I have entertained quite a bit and have gotten the hang of working together as a team. With a few exceptions... the great Meatball debacle of 2004 and the barbecue that almost wasn't of 2006. We decide ahead of time who is in charge of what and we keep to that agreement throughout the night. Helping each other only when asked and scheduling twice as much time for everything just in case things go wrong. So far so good; which brings me back to how I spent my ten minutes today. I made a list of possible meals ideas and dates when we could have guests thing though ....pesto is NOT on the list.

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