Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Have Ice Cream

            It started the one year where we went on a family vacation. I had spent weeks preparing. I bought the cutest summer outfits for my Daughter who was 18 months old at the time; making sure that I had packed more than enough baby foods, diapers, and medicines just in case. I packed toys for the plane and snacks that I knew would be hard to find at our destination.
Day of: Excitedly we boarded a very early flight My husband carried the car seat to secure our daughter on the plane. Trying to attach the car seat to the seat was no easy task but hey he did it. Baby secured we took our seats on either side of her and broke out the toys. As the minutes ticked by without any sort of movement from the plane I began to get antsy. About an hour or so after we had boarded; all the passengers were  told to disembark the plane. My husband and I quickly unstrapped and lugged both tired baby and carrier only to be told just minutes after we got off to get back on. Fast forward to the mad dash across another airport to try to catch an connecting flight (we didn't make it); an excruciating wait in standby, and only one diaper left in the bag. We made it. From then on everything was a blurr. All plans that I had painstakingly made went wrong in one way or another. Around the fourth day of our beautiful vaca we wandered around with our baby (she was content and full of her favorite foods) and realized my husband and I had not eaten at all that day.  Every restaurant and fast food stands were bulging with people. The thought of bringing our now sleeping daughter into another crowded noisy place was not an option. "I'm staying here." I informed my husband "I don't want a thing."
"OK, stay here he said. "I'll get us some lunch." I was annoyed at his chipper attitude and the only thing I looked forward to was sweet sleep later on. I was nearly just about to give up on him when he appeared through the crowd...holding two huge ice cream cones.
"Here ya go." he said joyfully. "Lunch."
What? he looked at his exhausted wife and said "You know what Honey, sometimes you just gotta have ice cream."
 I smiled.  A lady next to us nodded and laughed then said "I'm going to have that too."  My mood instantly changed. There's just something about that creamy smooth frozen treat that defies any ill temperament. So as hoards of people raced here and there to get the next must see attraction we sat happily licking our ice cream cones as if we were five. Our daughter woke up just in time to try some too.  The rest of the vacation wasn't picture perfect as I had hoped but it was great just the same. Today was one of those days when things just didn't go well. My mood was crappy, bills are piling up on the table, my TV is still on the blink and even the kids were complaining about one thing or another that did not go well today. We all needed a break. In the middle of home work and me starting dinner preparations I summoned the kids to the car and we all got ice cream cones from one of our favorite drive-thrus. We spent ten minutes quietly enjoying our treat Before dinner....sometimes you just have to have ice cream....or in my case a Yogurt parfait...I'm on a diet, but you get the picture.

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