Friday, October 08, 2010

why "10 minutes 2 breathe?"

       Why? Because that is what I say everyday several times a day. Hi, my name is Joanne and this is my very first blog...big deal right? Everyone has a blog these days.I am 47 sheeze...wait...I'm 35 yep that's better.I know a lot about many things but i am an expert in why blog? Because I need ten minutes everyday where i can just breathe. I know i know we all breathe, but what i mean is b r e a t h e. 

I mean do you ever find yourself so tense that you have kept your eyebrows up in a surprise position for an extended period of time; and when they are back to their normal position you ask "Wow, how long have i been walking around like that? 

Or everything you do during the day seems like it is being accomplished by auto pilot.Driving home from work and not remembering the drive? Sound familiar? Everyday I say or yell "I just need ten minutes to breathe!" But I never quite get around to it. 

If I sit down for a second '''There goes the mind racing to all the things that need to be done, money problems, and the dreaded "What the H#ll am i going to cook for dinner?" I hate that one. And  believe me I know things could be so much worse. I have experienced the depths of despair (cancer) and perhaps that experience has made me antsy to just change things up a bit; nothing major like training for a marathon or losing 50 pounds (which was on my list last year for about one minute. Bread and weakness) I am taking ten minutes everyday to breathe. whether those minutes are spent praying, doing yoga, meditating, writing this blog or dancing to 80's music in my living room those ten minutes are mine. I don't know exactly what this blog will be about exactly and I am not going to wait to come up with a fab idea. Maybe I'll write about what I do in those ten minutes everyday...all I know is that I'm diving in and what will be will be. Hopefully someone will read it...maybe someone will spend their ten minutes reading this blog...that would be fab.


  1. Great idea for a blog, if you ask me. A very good point to remember to breathe. I also share your interest in yoga and meditation and loooove my family (five kids) to pieces.

    I'll be back!

  2. I told you that your title was a confirmation to me once. A friend of mine told me that I should take 10 minutes a day just to be still with God and not a day later, BAM, I got a comment from you on my blog.

    How cool is that?

    Wow, how long have i been walking around like that?

    I do that too,

    What the H#ll am i going to cook for dinner?

    Been there:)

    I enjoy your posts, a nice little time to breathe. You always post inspiring, beautiful, nifty things, and it can always be done in 10 minutes:) (unless my super slow computer is not loading the videos, which it often fails to do).

    Thanks for linking up:)

  3. Hi Joanne

    Takes me lots more than ten minutes, lol Hope your weekend is beautiful, it looks like a cool, sunny spring day here! Set clocks ahead tonight! :)


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