Tuesday, October 26, 2010


          This year I tried hard to get the kids their costumes early. Bouncing from one party store to the next trying to find the one costume that my son absolutely must wear was not going to be me this year. He loves the Harry Potter books and so of course he is going to be Harry Potter.  "Real" Harry Potter broom stick...$20 Harry Potter glasses 6.99, Harry Potter wand 5.99 and oh yes that darn robe...another 20; for a grand total of $53- My Daughter (who had decided just today that she indeed is not too old for trick or treating) opted for a Alice in wonderland costume for 35.  I know I know some of you Mom are experts in sewing and coming up with creative ways to make costumes but I have tried and I have come to believe making them more often then not costs just about the same. My experiences as a kid was going to the local card store and picking out a box (for about $5) with a mask and some kind of plastic costume that ripped and came apart two minutes after putting it on. Do any of you remember that? Please tell me that I wasn't the only one. Do you remember those creepy princess masks that could only be worn for a few minutes because of the claustrophobia it produced? I envied my friends whose Moms made their costumes every year; At least they weren't dying from heat stroke in something that was just one level from a plastic bag, but it really didn't matter ...it was and is all about the candy. For about a week after Halloween I stuffed my face with chocolate bars, lolly pops and chewy fruity candies. When I first got married I moved from the big city to the burbs and was eagerly awaiting my first Halloween here. I went out and spent a fortune on chocolate bars and even made goodies bags to hand out. After waiting and waiting the bell finally rang. I played the spooky music and ran downstairs to give out the treats. As soon as the first group saw that I was giving out bags of candies instead of individual treats they yelled to their friends
"Hey this lady has bags! This lady has bags!" From everywhere hoards of kids came and I was out of candy within an hour. The next year I bought twice as much and as Murphy's law would have it ...I had to stay extra late at work and missed the majority of the trick or  treaters. I was stuck with so much candy that later on the mere sight of a Three Musketeers bar would make me dry heave. I have learned a few lessons.....always buy candies that you yourself like ( you might be stuck with them) Don't open your door after a certain time. At 9:30 a kid ( I think) came to the door wearing that hideous scream mask,  He or she didn't say a word...just slowly stuck out his bag in front of him.....creeped me out! If you can avoid it don't place the bowl in from of the house and expect kids to take just one...maybe the little guys early on with do that because Mom is watching but later on when the bigger kids come its another story. Don't leave real pumpkins lit with real candles outside. Kids costumes can catch fire; use the small battery operated candles instead. As always inspect all candies. Have fun and please tell the kids to watch out for cars. Oh very important...save a few candies for yourself. I'll be putting aside some peanut butter cups...those are my favorites.     

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