Saturday, October 30, 2010

Planning Something to Look Forward to

                  When my daughter was first born I was 34 years old. I was married already two years and she was the most wanted baby ever. I loved her even before I knew she was growing inside me. About three weeks after she was born I took a look at myself in the mirror and was horrified to see an unkempt weary woman with breast milk stains on her t-shirt. How come I couldn't get my act together? I had heard of all those horror stories of women not being able to take showers for days and I thought...impossible. But there I was waiting anxiously for my husband to come home from work so that I could take my ten minute vacation in the shower...aaahhhh bliss.....a shower had never felt so good. A few more weeks passed and even though I loved being a new mommy; I did miss one aspect of my previous life.......the planning. I loved being able to plan. I was wrapped up in everyday; every minute; every second routines that I really missed the planning. No matter how much money we had or didn't have my husband and I always enjoyed planning for the next outing or next trip. The time between the end of summer and right before the chill of fall is when we start to make plans.  We talk about things we would like to see and do in the winter all the way up to the spring and summer. And low costs is a priority of course. We go camping, go on day outings and if we can afford it....plan a vacation. So I have spent ten minutes today jotting down all the things I would like to do with my family for the next year. Many are day trips and one (I hope ) will be a vacation out of state.....I dream of Cinderella's castle!  I look at my beautiful children now and I know that one day they may very well not want to hang out with us as much and that's OK....(I've never been to therapy but I hear it does wonders). But now, right now they still do.Thank God. This year we'll go into the city to see the tree and then January Medieval Times maybe or February or March go to see a show. April...haven't gotten there yet but you get the picture. It feels so good to plan, to have plans, and ultimately to live those plans. You have to have something to look forward if you have any places that you have visited and are great family trips; I would love to hear from you. I need to plan for the summer;-)
How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget
                                                                     Hope these links help with your own plans!
How to Take a Nice Vacation on a Budget

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