Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No one wants to win the "I got it worse than you game" so why do so many people play?

               Conversations with my friends at 16
                                    "Did you see the new Madonna video?"
                                    "What are you wearing to the dance?"
                                     "Did he say he likes me likes me or just just likes me?"

               Conversations with friends in my twenties
                                    "I'm only going to work here a few years then I'm going to do what I really want to do"
                                    " If I get to bed by 5am, I'll be totally fine with just two hours sleep"
                                    " Pass the baby oil, I need to tan"

                Conversations with friends in our thirties.
                                     "Getting Married!"
                                     "Did you see that Sesame Street video? My baby loves it!"
                                     "I'd kill for more sleep."
                                      "I can't leave this job, I need the insurance."

                 Conversations in our 40's
                                      "I can't sleep."
                                      "I'm worried about the kids."
                                      "I'm worried about my Parents"
                                      "My knees hurt."
                                      "I heard she also has cancer"
                                      "What are you taking for acid reflux, because the doctor told me to..."

Recently at a family dinner party My Brother-in-law whipped out the blood pressure machine and we all proceeded to get our stats. We all joked around and had a good conversation about healthy living but deep underneath all the laughs there is a quiet fear sprouting; a what if  kind of fear that wasn't really prevalent in our twenties and thirties. I looked around and realized hey how did we all get here? It seems that just yesterday (OK, twenty years ago) we would have conversations about every other topic but health. But then again we probably ate at McDonald's everyday for lunch too. Cholesterol? Blood pressure? hogwash!  not us......idiots. Something happens in your forties. Its a realization that time flies. We are mortal, and the indescribable yearning for not fame or fortune, but Happiness, health and Family are most important. I catch myself at times wanting to waaa waa waaaaa cry and complain; then suddenly everyone around you is doing the same thing.  "Oh my back!" then someone else says "Oh, you think you got it bad? Doctor says I might need an operation!" Then someone else adds "I knew someone who died right on the operating table!" Round and round we play the game of whose got it worse. I'm out.  I don't want to win that game.So I've decided today to take a few minutes to meditate and exhale the bad and breathe in the good. I Thanked God for all the great Blessings he has given me and I will try my hardest not to tarnish this day with negative thoughts. Oh my is this an irregular shaped mole!? Nope just spilled a bit of brown paint on my hand. PHEW!close one. Hey, I said I would try.

the hills are alive with only my own stupid voice 'cause i think no ones reading my blog :-)

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  1. " If I get to bed by 5am, I'll be totally fine with just two hours sleep"

    HA! Been there, done that:)


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