Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ten minutes dreading Christmas

                                       I decided to get up ten minutes earlier today...OK not really. I just didn't hit the snooze. I love Fridays, because on Saturdays I DON'T have to get up at 6am. Ooh that is such an awful awful time to get up! I am definite a night owl.  I put one foot on the floor and the chill zapped me into the realization that summer is officially over. I'm one of those people that refuse to accept the inevitable; I live in complete denial of the fact that summer has eventually come to an end. I'm that idiot who will wear flip flops until the crunching of brown and red  leaves beneath them cements the reality of Autumn in my brain. Listen, I appreciate the change colors of the season. I love looking at the myriad of trees and the explosion of reds yellows and orange, but does that also have to mean sweaters, jeans and gasp...socks and shoes? I guess the real reason why I get so sad about the end of summer is that my mind goes straight to Christmas. Christmas? Yeah Christmas! It seems that one day we are barbecuing on labor day then bam I'm running around Christmas eve trying to find that little something for someone I forgot to buy for. It doesn't help that stores have Christmas stuff up day after Halloween or even in the case of my local Stop and Shop...NOW. And let me tell you store owners...listening? It does not soothe or put me in the Christmas spirit when you start piping in Christmas songs in October. So This morning I meditated for ten minutes. my mantra was "I will enjoy the Fall. I will enjoy the fall". Relaxed and calm I then woke up the kids to start the day. During breakfast my nine year old son said "Hey mom, I started my Christmas list." my neck went stiff and heartburn was on its way. I responded "That's good Hun, show me later".  Fa la la la la  I need another ten minutes...

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