Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dogs in Heaven? Ten Minutes With Max and You'd say YES

My Max

           A while ago while having a pleasant conversation with a friend, we were sharing funny stories about our Dogs (which are many) and she commented on how some people believe that animals don't go to heaven. I hadn't given it much thought ever and quite frankly the whole idea of it made me sad. My dog Max is a little over a year and a half old and is just about the sweetest dog there is. I got him at the pound and they told me they got him from a kill shelter in Tenn. When I first saw him his tag read TLC which meant he was quite sick. He was the tiniest dog up for adoption that day. He had black fur from tiny head to tiny tail, he smelled like old newspapers and his tiny black nose was runny. I was in love.  He quickly grew but not by much really. the enormous lab we expected turned into a terrier lab mix we think; and he is small. But quite frankly big on love. He is generous with his kisses and he loves to cuddle. He was a quick learner and was housebroken within two weeks. While surfing different blogs I came across someone who had just lost their dog. It was heart breaking and it reminded me of the conversation with my friend. Today I spent extra time with my dog, we walked around the neighborhood and even ran a bit. I believe that something that loves so unconditionally; an animal that is so devoted and protective and yes even animal that is all that and more God most definitely has a place in heaven for them. I believe that with all my heart and as I type this post Max is wagging his tail......I think he agrees.

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