Monday, October 18, 2010

Death of the Vacuum, the Printer and Anything Else?

                    It never fails. Every Fall as the leaves turn different shades of red, orange and of our  appliances breakdown. So, I was not surprised while vacuuming that my vacuum decided to smoke then die. Goodbye vacuum say hello to the washer and dryer, the microwave and stove when you get to that great place where all appliances go to rest forever. I mean is it me or do appliances or things in general not last long at all anymore? I recall my family having the same TV for as long as I could remember; same fridge, same radio even. At my in-laws where there must be a flux in the Time Space Continuum everything last forever. Dishes from before my mother-in-laws birth lay spotless and unchipped in the china cabinet. Plates that are used on a continual basis look brand new and she even has clothes from the fifties that look as if she bought them yesterday..."What gives?" I ask myself.  I mean just yesterday I was ironing a blouse and it shredded before my eyes...not burned SHREDDED! And something is definitely wrong with our printer because it refuses to even turn on every now and then. I am convinced that nothing is built to last anymore and the "help" 1-800 numbers are filled with people who ( I think) are told to make you wait as long as possible and then they repeat everything you say in the form of a question so that the whole ordeal brings your blood pressure up to lethal levels... 
"Hello, I'm having trouble with my printer".
"So you say you're having trouble with your printer?"
"Yes, It doesn't turn on at all right now."
"So you say you're having trouble with your printer and it doesn't turn on right now??"
" was working fine yesterday"
"Yes. so it was working fine yesterday but does not turn on today? on and on until you ultimately decide that it would be better and probably less expensive to replace the darn thing. So after a long day, dishes cleared, kids in bed, house calm; I would spend my 10 minutes watching a little TV (that's about how much time it take me to fall asleep in front of it ) Our five year old TV.What? the color green doesn't appear....... I turn it off and open a magazine ......the curse is alive and well.

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