Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hating on Oprah

              Ok, I don't hate Oprah. I admire her very much. I mean the woman came from practically nothing and created a kingdom where she is the supreme ruler. Anyone who has written a book and it gets mentioned on Oprah....well suddenly that book is flying off the shelves; And if she cries while you're singing ...bingo lookout Grammys! She definitely has the Midas touch.  I am  JEALOUS, not of Oprah...I'm jealous of those damn people that get to be on her give-a-way shows. I mean could you imagine being on one of those shows? She has been interviewed about those episodes and she says that it's kept hush hush; no one knows until she starts screaming "You get a car and You get a car!" When I turned 39 all of a sudden I became very consumed with my mortality and yes, even a bit depressed that all the things that I thought I would do I probably wouldn't. I would never be a ballerina (didn't matter that I never took a lesson in my life). I would never be a professional singer (my voice is OK but I can't sing in front of crowds) and I would never be a mega bazillionaire with my own talk show. It wasn't so much that I really wanted to do those things...it was that the possibility was there. In my twenties the sky was the limit. In your forties reality sets in and you either reach for different goals or live in the past. So whenever I would see one of those shows I would say "Man one day wouldn't it be great to get on that show?One day I'll write in for tickets." Now that she is leaving; there's another damn thing I won't be able to do... ever. The possibility of her pointing at me and saying "You get a villa in France!" are nill and void. So today I took ten minutes to make a list of all the great things I have done and things I want to do. Top of the list of great things I have done in my life....My Kids. Top of the list of things I want to do...Spend more time with my family. Oh there was more stuff written on both lists. I just wanted to share the most important. So keep the Villa Oprah. I'll be just fine giving up that dream ....but if you happen to want to give me a car........ ;-)

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