Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Blessings Blogfest

O My Gosh! I almost forgot that I joined The Blessings Blogfest  over at  http://tyreanswritingspot.blogspot.com/

I am supposed to write ten blessings That I am grateful for...

#1. I am so grateful that I remembered ( be it late) about this challenge. I think we should all take time out everyday to be thankful for our blessings.

#2 I am Blessed with two beautiful children. They are the reason why I get up in the morning....seriously i mean who else is gonna feed 'em? I kid I kid. They are the sweetest kids ever and I thank God for them each and everyday!

#3 I am blessed with a wonderful loving husband. He makes me smile everyday...even when I am mad at him...darn it all!

#4 I am blessed with God's mercy on me and his healing touch.

#5 I am grateful for having a Dad that saw the humor in everyday life. Without that Lord only knows how I would have made it through some really rough times in my life.

#6 I am blessed with a home. So many are homeless because of natural disasters. I pray everyday for their healing and safety

#7 I feel blessed to have this blog. it's a place where I feel free and it helps me focus on writing

#8 My garden. It's in and starting to bloom

#9 My Dog Max...the sweetest dog in the world.

#10 My Faith....I can't imagine my life without it.

Thank you Tyrean for this challenge and sharing it with us! Blessings, Joanne

PS I'm sad to say that I am having a lot of trouble getting on blogs to write comments. It seems that when there is a url option I can leave comments but when there is just google It doesn't allow me to leave anything.  I am so sorry if you have not seen comments from me but know that I have been reading your blogs.


  1. You are truly blessed. This is a lovely post.

  2. You're so great to do these fun post. You truly are blessed and so are we :)

  3. So many wonderful blessings!!! I taught a class at church about how to find joy in our lives again, and I truly believe it is by counting the things we are thankful for and focusing on them. The more we focus on the good things, it changes our mindset, and God always wants to hear our thanks to him!!

  4. You are indeed blessed! We should all take time to consider our blessings and be grateful for them. Nice post.

    Blogger is acting up all over the place. I hope they don't do another "upgrade" for a long time!

  5. you are truly blessed but to say i love your first one i alway feel blessed when i remember something :)

    Everyday Life


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