Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day 2011





              Think of them today... and their families. 
                           I know I will.

"For those who fought for it freedom has a taste the protected will never know"   Hubby had this on a Bumper sticker for years.... and it is so true 



  1. Thank You,
    From Me, My Brother, My Father, My GrandFather and 3 More Generations, as well as my Wifes Father, And All Of those I served with in Both the Navy and the Army.

    Thank You.

    stop in if you get a chance.

    Anything at Anytime

  2. The poignant picture speaks a thousand words.

  3. You have Memorial day we have ANZAC Day I think most countries have some kind of day where we remember all who have gone to war and gave their lives for our countries and so we should. I love watching shows on the history channel about our diggers.

  4. OHHH what a great bumper sticker to have!


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