Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Embarrassment


                  OK everyone. I looked everywhere but it seems that Blogger had their own version of an embarrassing moment ( thanks Blogger for supporting My theme this week.....ya shouldn't have!!!!)  I lost thursday's post and the draft for today's. These past few days I realized something.

#1 I really love to write
#2 I really love to write in my blog
#3 I really love reading other people's blogs

When I couldn't get onto my blog to write I felt just a teensy weensy itsy bitsy bit miffed. Then I felt a bit lost....I mean where were the comments that I loved to read everyday? Where were the blogs that I like to visit and comment on?

Could it be that I am addicted to blogging?
Seriously, How did you feel these past few days? A bit shaky?                                                                            
                                                                 Got the sweats?
                                                        Mouth dry?
                                               Cursed alot?
                                       Kept staring at the Blogger logo hoping for a change?
                                Did you feel like you were dumped?
                       Binge on chocolate?
              Binged on french fries?
   Did you start thinking of cheating on Blogger with Wordpress?

If you did any of the above or more; then you my friend (and when I say you...I mean me) are addicted to blogging.
                                              How dare you come back here after the last few days.....where the heck were ya? huh? You kept telling me you were working, but how do I know you weren't out there carousing and painting the town red with some hussy!

Where was I? I was here!!!!! waiting for you like some heart sick puppy! And where's my stuff?

Don't look at me with that "I don't know" look!
My posts, My comments! where the heck are they!? 

                                    Blogger looks pitiful to illicit sympathy

Oh no you're not gonna give me that face...I'm not going to feel guilty over what you did!

pitiful sad face is working....

OK, OK, you say you were working and I guess I'll have to believe you, but'll never be the same between us. Every time I press the "publish" icon I will always wonder if you will be at the other end waiting to send it through. Trust is a two-way street mister and you're gonna have to earn mine back ya hear me!?


               Whats this?
                           New fonts and new backgrounds....for me? Awwwwww you shouldn't have.  


  1. Fun post! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think blogger two timed us all. I lost comments and a post which I had to replace. If you use live writer a copy is saved so it is easy to replace.

  2. Oh, it is so embarrassing, for I, too, open my blog, and look for the comments, and mourn when no one--NO ONE--read my blog that day. Or that hour.
    I love your blogs.

  3. As always, your blog post is great! Really Joanne, you said exactly what I was thinking. Thankfully, when I tried to post something the other day, what day it was, I don't know, I saw there was a problem and quickly hit the copy button and saved my post in my word processing program. The moment is gone now, so I don't know if I will post that post I spent several hours on or not.

    Trust is a hard thing to win back. I hope you get my comment. ;)

  4. Blogger had a one day shut down planned to work on some issues, and they are totally re-doing the whole site, and will give it to us gradually. Unfortunately when they shut down, they had to delete everything everyone posted in the last day, I have read that they are replacing it, though. You are Too funny!!!! I think if they ever shut down permantly, there would be a protest march in front of the White House.

  5. Great, fun post! I haven't been blogging every day since our challenge is over and I find that when I don't something is missing. Love visiting your blog!

  6. Fantastic post by the way! It was brilliant!
    I must say that you are a more forgiving mistress than I am. I'm going to be leaving Blogger's ass and moving in with Wordpress. Maybe he'll treat me with the respect I deserve.

  7. I, another blogger addict, agree. Blogger's little "work" vacation does not bode well for building trust. I started to worry he'd - er, it'd - be gone altogether.

  8. Oh Goodness isn't it just drive you nuts, Blogger has done some issues to me before but NEVER have I lost comments and post and been down over a few days :(.

    I love to blog it helps to get things off my chest plus it helps meet great people like you :)

  9. @ Beth~ thanks for the tip- I will have to check into that

    @ Susan Kane~ I was the pits!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ I have to find out how to back up my posts! I am in the stone age!

    @ Ginny~ You are soooo right about that!

    @ Tracy Jo~ Thank you!

    @ Sandra~ I don't blame you! Good luck with that!

    @ I know! I was getting worried too!

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Awww you are too sweet!


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