Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday's Question~~~Which is Your Favorite Post?

I was going to end this week with a question about embarrassing moments, but in light of the Disappearance of Blogger for two days I thought of a different question. This might take a bit of time on your part but I hope you will take the time to answer anyway.

     Blogging is obviously important to us. 
                                                                                              source          For the most part we spend alot of time and effort writing them. I am amazed how quickly I made it a routine and really missed it when I couldn't write on the blog.

Saturday's question is..... Which one of Your blog posts is your favorite?

Did it make you laugh out loud when you were writing it?

Did it break your heart to post it, but you did anyway because you knew it might help someone else?

Is it the one that got the most comments or hits?

Did it get 0 comments?

Was it so personal that it caused you to think about hitting that delete button once or twice? 

Did it make you think "Damn, I'm a great writer!"


I ask, because I'd like to read it. So if you'd like please leave the post link or name of the post in the comments and I will zoom there and read your favorite post.  Have an awesome weekend! See Ya Monday! Blessings, Joanne


  1. Surprisingly, it was kind of hard to decide on a favorite. However, in keeping with the theme of embarrassing moments, here's one of mine:
    I hope this takes you to it! :)

  2. Your post was great with the humourous pictures and all. Can't say which of mine is my favourite, they are about foods and different reminicences. Each is special in its own way. My BW thinks many are too long, but I like to make them interesting. If you like one, you would probably like many.

  3. The post that got the most comments for me was the post I made on the day my husband died, This post is on my wordpress blog
    My favorite post (at least one of them) would have to be the post I made yesterday titled Thoughts to Live By. This post really made me stop and think.

  4. This is a hard question. The post that comes to mind could not be considered a favorite because I wish never would have had to have the experiences that caused me to write the post, but I think it is an important post in my journey during the past year because it illustrates the powerful tool that technology can be in the healing process after great loss. This post can be found at:

  5. Uh-oh! you are going to be in for a lot of reading from your followers!!! Well, I have a tie and can't decide, so I'm posting two, sorry I just couldn't help it. It's fine if you only read one. Strangely, some posts that I think are not very good seem to get the most comments!! I picked these two just because of the learning content and the pictures.

    Next one:

  6. This is such a neat thing for you to do, Joanne.
    Will you share your favorite post?

    Here's mine:
    (I like my more prolific posts that I've spliced with well known music lyrics.)

    Be well, friend.

  7. Wow my dear I've had many of those :). Posting about my weight and struggles has made me want to hit delete many times and cry also :).

    I have some ones that make me laugh and then think do I only make myself laugh. Thankfully I've gotten the no comments in a while, you got to love bloggy friends they make sure they leave comments so you don't have those days :).


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