Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A look back at Mommy-to-be-Fashions

Mommy week continues...

When do  people start to look at you in a Mommy sort of way?  Well to a lot of people that journey begins when you start to show during your pregnancy. I couldn't wait to start showing. Everyday I would wake up smiling knowing that I was pregnant, but yet still not quite convinced...until that little belly made it's appearance. I was so excited when I wore maternity clothes for the first time. So since it's fashion Wednesday.. and it's all about Moms this week... Today's post is about Maternity wear. 


                                                 1850's Maternity dress~heavy, heavy, heavy


                                                  Early 1900's Maternity dress~ frilly and pretty

                   1940's and 50's ~ Must have used yards and yards of fabric for blouse             



1960's~ Sweet details like bows and pleats                                                                                               1970's~ Flower peasant prints
                      Source                                                                                                                                                                                                                      source

                                                          1980's ~ style still volumunous                

1990's~ start of form fitting fashion to show off Baby belly

2011~ Style not different from regular current fashion, just a bit more stretch for belly

It seems that maternity fashions from the past were made to hide the baby bump. I loved the fashions that I saw for the fifties and sixties. I mean how cute was Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy?  In the late 90's there seemed to be a shift to showing off that belly and there was no hiding it.

  In 1998 when I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant I was in search for a maternity outfit for a wedding I was to attend. I tried on the new style of belly hugging dresses. It looked like I was smuggling a giant watermelon.  I Instead went for a short dress that hid the belly but still made me feel fashionable. If it were not for my huge swollen elephant feet the night would have been perfect!

What was your favorite maternity outfit you wore or saw someone else wear?


  1. Oh gosh, my maternity clothes didn't look like much any of these! It was 1970 and they looked just like regular clothes. I loved my short black skirt and white blouse with a bit of fancy smocking on top. I guess mine were closest to what you're showing for the 1960's, which would figure. They all looked kind of Jackie O'ish!!

  2. It has been so long ago, but let me think. Yes, it was in the late 50s and it was black with a little orange pattern running through it. Somewhere I have a pic of me in that top and now I want to find it. LOL

  3. It IS interesting that the older dresses clearly sought to hide the bump. Now, it's the opposite. That's a happy progression in fashion. I like the clothes that makes pregnancy obvious. That way, I don't mistakenly congratulate a woman on her pregnancy when, in fact, she's just gained some weight. Oops.
    Be well.

  4. fashion sure has changed for me i wore pants with elastic waist and large t-shirt the whole time. nothing to cute

  5. Favorite maternity outfit????I had five kids in ten years. I literally wore my maternity clothes out. I had one green tent of a dress that I hated so bad that I threw it in the trash after the birth of my last child. I was so ready to be done with that ugly dress!

  6. @ Ginny~That must have been a smart outfit!

    @ Beth~ Oh I would to see a picture of it!

    @ Good point!

    @ Becca~ I hear ya! I ended up wearing alot of my husband shirts

    @ Retired English Teacher~ HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! You just cracked me up!!!


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