Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Embarrassing Fashion Trends

 It's Wednesday and time to post about fashion. Since I am posting this week about embarrassing about a look back at some embarrassing fashion trends. Well, I guess they weren't embarrassing then but looking back they sort of make ya cringe.                                                       

Who could forget this fashion trend? Dynasty was all about the football shoulder pads. These made every girl look like a line backer.
                                                            Joan Collins was the queen of this trend. I wondered if she walked through doorways sideways...hum better Google it.

 OK, This is one of the worst trends the 70's...platforms for  men!                                                            

Elephant bell bottoms were pretty bad. I remember my cousin actually tripping on her bell bottoms hem.

Well, this one is really a matter of opinion. Some beehives or high dos were cool like the one Audrey Hepburn had in Breakfast at Tiffany's. or if your were a singer .

Very chic

kind of odd, but they are singers and they had to follow the fashion of the day

Some mile high dos were not so cool 

Eighties hair was even worse!

Big hair in the 80's must have made stock in hair spray shoot through the roof!

 Now the final embarrassing trend (which I feel is worse than all the others combined) I tried to post a picture of an actual man wearing these but the pictures were too raunchy looking
though some were hysterical! Without further ado...The worst embarrassing trend ever is tight bike shorts for men! Think about it... Please guys we don't care if you are in the Olympics...we don't want to see your smashed bits and pieces! Those shorts leave NOTHING to the imagination. Below is a short clip from and episode of Modern family where Claire tells Cam that he shouldn't wear Bike shorts! very funny.



  1. All of these trends are bad, but O.K., I have to admit I kinda like the 80's hair!! We love Modern Family, and The Middle!!! They are our Wednesday night laugh-athons!! As far as I'm concerned, they have taken the place of Seinfeld!! Boo hoo, summer coming and only reruns!!! Hey, you forgot tie-dye! Actually, I used to do it (along with macrame) and it isn't too bad.

  2. Oh, I had me some BIG hair back in the day:)

    Very BIG.

  3. I remember the big hair days. You went to the beauty parlor once a week and you had that same monstrous hairdo till you saw her the next week. I think bike shorts look ridiculous!
    Fun post which I enjoyed!!

  4. I remember them all. I had huge elephant bells. My hair is too fine to ever go into a big hair style - I suppose I should be thankful.

    I saw that episode of Modern Family. Love that show. One of my former students is a writer and producer on it.


  5. HaHaHa! Poor guy really liked those shorts. They must be comfy. I wouldn't know. Thank heaven that's one style I didn't have to worry about. The big hair though...
    Have a great week! :)

  6. bad fashion trends and i remmeber the big hair and shoulder pads yikes. but for me the worst trend ever pants half down i do not want to see your underwear or lack there of. this was great got to love fashion and how it changes. hugs

  7. If only we would know how bad those trends look in the future. I'm guilty of loving the elephant bells! Also went the shoulder pad route. Never had the big hair though! Bike shorts should NEVER be worn!!! ~~shiver shiver~~

  8. And we thought we looked sooo good. What WERE we thinking?! It doesn't stop there, though. Each 10 years we have to look back, and see some other fashion mistake.


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