Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Moms always know what outfit will look best. Dads?...well that's a matter of taste.

My daughter was three and I was working. My husband worked nights so we considered ourselves lucky that we had no need for a baby sitter.

J was attending a nursery school three days a week for just a few hours a day.

My husband was in charge of dressing our little girl and take her to school on the days that I worked a bit later.

The teacher ALWAYS knew what days my husband dressed her. Her pig tails would be crooked. Her socks might be in the same color family but a diferent shade altogether. And once he took out her old pants from the donate pile I had in her room and she looked like she was waiting for a flood to happen.

One day I picked up my daughter and she was wearing a flowered shirt and a completely different patterned flowered pant. Together the combination actually hurt my eyes. The teacher smiled at me and I smiled

back in that "oh he did it again" look.

I was pregnant with my baby boy and was very much the impatient wife.

"What the heck were you thinking? why didn't you put her in something that matched?" I asked

"What? Joanne, that matches!" he looked at me as if I were crazy. "Look she had flowers on top and flowers on the bottom ...match!" It was then I think that I decided that he would no longer dress our daughter...or for that matter...himself!


  1. How funny! So did you start laying her clothes out for him? But he had a really good point, I think he tried! To a man, flowers on top match flowers on the bottom!! Bless his heart. Don't you wish you'd have taken a picture now? My four year granddaughter was allowed to pick out her own clothes every day for a week, including accessories. Her mom took a picture every day and put it on her blog! It was really cool!

  2. Flowers and flowers match..right? ;)

  3. lol..how funny i don't let hubby dress little man either

  4. My husband is just about that bad with himself. I have to check him every morning to make sure things match and colors are right. If I forget to check him I usually notice something a little off when he gets home. It is a good thing I never had to depend on him overseeing what the kids would ware when they were young.

  5. This is so funny. Guys have little or no fashion sense. :-)

  6. That's hilarious! I'm blessed with a hubby that has a good sense of style--for both of us!

  7. This is so funny. Sad but true, most men do not have good taste when it comes to selecting clothes.

    When my daughter was about three, I came home from work and her father had her dressed in her best church dress for the day. She had played outside in it etc. His response, "I let her wear what she wanted. She said you always let her wear dresses."

  8. @ Ginny~ Yes, Bless him he did try! what a great idea to let your grand daughter pick her clothes. I wish I had thought of that!

    @ Ma~ Well according to Hubby they did! LOL!

    @ Barb~ This is so funny cause its the same situation here! I'm thinking what they lack in fashion sense they make up for their great hearts!

    @ Mindy~ Maybe your Hubby can give the rest of the guys tips!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ That story is hilarious!!! I could only imagine your face and she came in wearing her Sunday best after playing outside!!!LOL


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