Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sun-in My Hair

I was working part time and in my first semester in college. All my money was going to books and more books.

I was low on cash

Ramen noodles was on my menu almost everyday.

 I, like almost everyone else was a poor college student.
I skimped on everything. I so needed a change...something to make me feel better, and being a young women that meant changing my hair in some way.

I couldn't eat at the local pizzeria much less go to the hair salon.
I couldn't even buy bottled hair color.

"HUM....whats this?" I looked in the store as I bought more Ramen noodles and came across a product that promised to turn my mousy brown hair a golden hue. It was called Sun-in.

"OOOOOO  this is great."  I thought and the price was right. Never mind that it was really intended for people with lighter brown or preferably blond hair. I counted my pennies and I bought  the sun-in bottle home.

I took a shower and I eagerly read the bottle's instructions.

...spray in wet hair and dry with a hair dryer. I did just that, But it didn't seem to be working...so I sprayed some more....and some more and some more. finally my hair was dripping with the stuff and the heat from the hair dryer would work it's magic...

I sprayed too much and instead of soft highlights I looked in the mirror and got........


That's right I had the same color as bozo the clown or Ronald McDonald ( for you younger crowd).

I thought "well maybe it's not that bad." All around me were people with pink and blue and unnaturally jet black hair. My bright orange locks didn't phase any of my college friends.

I thought "No big deal" Until I walked into work the next day and the boss gave me this look... 


and that my friends is how to NOT  save money by highlighting your hair at home!


  1. that made me laugh as i remember all of my highlight experiments

  2. oh YES I so remember the at home do it yourselfers. Like Nair oh lord I had a rash like no tomorrow in let's just say places that weren't so nice to sit :)

  3. I absolute love the unique way you tell a story. You are gifted in that, even if your gifts at coloring hair are not so great! Thankfully, hair grows out.

  4. Way to put a smile on my face! My hair was dark brown - almost black, and I dyed it black but it was BLACK, like flat Morticia black. Oh dear.

  5. that is why i'll never color my hair myself. too many horror stories. that color doesn't even look good on Ronald, let alone a real person.

    love the name of your blog.

  6. This brought back the memory of my sister dying her hair and it went green and she was so upset and refused to go to school the next day......mum had to end up taking her to a hairdresser to have it fixed..........I just thought it was funny.......

  7. Haha:)))
    How did you fix the problem, Joanne?

  8. Yes, how did you fix the problem? I was like you in college. IF I had a nickel in my pocket, I felt rich.

  9. @ House Built On Stone~ LOL I think we've all had some :o)

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ Oh I forgot about the NAIR!!!LOL!!!Ouch!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ Thank You so much!

    @ Melissa Ann Goodwin~ I never did the black but alot of my friends did. they were Goth before goth was goth!!!LOL!

    @ Michelle Gregory~ You are so right!

    @ Jo-Anne Rambling~Ugh GReen? LOL Your poor sister!!! did you take pictures for future blackmail? hehehehe

    @ nattynook.net~ well lets just say I was known as " the girl with the hat" from then on.

    @ Susan Kane~ I wore a cool fedora and then I waited a bit until I could get it fixed. But being from the city every young kid had wacky hair in the eighties! :O)


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