Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She Who Laughs Last.........



Continuing with the theme of embarrassing awkward moments.......

I was 18 years old and for my Graduation gift my Parents allowed and paid for a trip to Florida with my friends. It would be the first time I would travel without my parents and I was psyched.

I would spend 9 days  doing all the touristy things like Disney ( at that time there was only the magic Kingdom) We went to Coco beach and visited Sea world. I was having the time of my life.
At night we hit some of the touristy clubs.

I was dressed in my brand new summer outfit... a semi-backless blue dress.

We waited on line against the club building wall for our turn to go in. My friend  noticed that  the back of my dress looked funny. I realized that I had accidentally tucked the dress' slip into my pantyhose. I would have to lift the dress to fix it.. I asked my girlfriends to stand in a semi circle around me so that I could fix the slip without showing the world my rump roast. They did as I asked and I was thankful that I had the building wall to my back.......

               It was a shiny wall with wacky designs on it.

I fixed my dress

              we all walked into the club.

As soon as we walked in my friend started to laugh loudly. The mirror-like exterior were really windows. They were one-way glass. Whoever was on the inside had had a full view of my rear. I was mortified, and I wanted to leave, but no one else did. One friend in particular told me to get over it and she continued to laugh at me the rest of the night. After a while I laughed too being only a little peeved at her continued ribbing.

The next day we all set off to go to wet and wild ( a water park). I was trying hard to forget about the night before but my friend  thought it funny and necessary to repeat the story over and over again to ANYONE who would listen.  She thought it was SSSSOOOOOOOOOO hilarious.

         "Could you believe she didn't realize the wall was a mirror? She showed her butt to everyone in the club!! It was so funny!!!" she reiterated this tale to everyone, even guys who she had just met at the park.

On the last slide of the day my cackling friend was the last to go on the longest tube slide of the park. Having already finished the ride, we all waited for her at the bottom. She hooted and hollered all the way down. I was ready to put the day to rest when I saw her finally come out of the tube.

She had on a beautiful black bathing suit.....which had now untied itself and top part was hanging low on her waist. Yes, there she was, jogging toward us, laughing at how fun the slide was.. all the while bouncing her bare Shama Lama Ding Dongs. ahh yes....KARMA


  1. Oh this was a scream!!! I guess in this case, what goes around comes around!! But it does make for a great story to be told in your family over and over and over and over.... ha ha ha!! Hey, at least those people in the club were not your friends and neighbors, and you will probably never see any of them again.

  2. Oh what fun payback is. :-)

  3. That is a hilarious story. Yes, I guess what goes around comes around, or something like that.

  4. I just read your comment on my blog. I saw that show on The shroud, and several years ago I actually read a book about the shroud. Again, we think alike! I really considered talking about The Shroud in my post today, but figured it might make it too long so decided not to. Now I wish I would have, and I could have asked people's opinions on it!!

  5. that was too funny and woohoo karma can hurt sometimes..great story thanks for sharing

  6. She definitely earned that wardrode malfunction.

  7. Migraine day, spelling bad.
    Your friend earned her 'ward robe malfunction'. There.

  8. Laughing out loud and smiling greatly. Love the story. Your friend got what she deserved!

    I walked through the airport with my butt showing once. No one bothered to tell me I had tucked the hem of skirt in my panties.

    Some of us just can't be taken anywhere.

  9. Thanks J, I had a great laugh!! Love ya, Lisa (your sister)

  10. What a great story, maybe there is justice after all.

  11. @ Ginny~ So true! and Thank God the internet had not been invented yet! I would have been on you tube for sure!

    @ Beth~ Yes sometimes it can be sweet!

    @ Barb~ Oh yes it does!

    @ Ginny~ Wow we do definitely think alike! Yea US!!!

    @ Becca~ Yes it can hurt, for the rest of the vaca she kept her mouth shut about my embarressing moment!

    @ Susan Kane~ Oh I can relate...I get migraines too and yes that wardrobe malfunction was a gift from Heaven!!!LOL!

    @ Retired English Teacher~ You just made ME laugh out loud!!!!

    @ Lisa~ You know me I have a million embarressing moments!!!

    @ Anthony Stemke~ Thank You!!!

  12. That's a great story. Sometimes karma makes things happen just as they should. Bet she shut up about your mishap after that. I hope so.

  13. Oh, that's hilarious! I'll bet she never told your story again! Thanks for the laugh!


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