Thursday, May 26, 2011

Save That Loose Change!

I have written before about my huge glass jar in which I keep all our loose change.
see post--> Ten minutes to gather up the change

Do you have a change jar at home?
Piggy Bank?
                            Have you ever wondered why your purse is so heavy and found you had oodles of change weighing it down? You might ask what's a little change right? Well it could mean alot.

The average amount of loose change people have laying around and could save is between 30 and 40 dollars a month. I think it's probably more.

If starting today you plunked into that jar 2.00 a day until December 1st. would have 378.00 extra to spend on Christmas or other Holiday gifts.

If you were able to put 3.00 in change away everyday you would have 567.00 extra by Dec. 1st!!!

Now lets say you want to save it and keep going until next year this same time....saving 2.00 a day you will have an extra 730.00! And ... If you save 3.00 a day by this time next year you will have close to 1,100!!!

Whenever I am ready to convert the change into cash; I try to always go to TD bank because they won't charge you a fee to process your change in their machines. (even if you don't have an account with them.)

Not bad for just some pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters. What would you do with that extra cash?

Here let me get you started if you haven't already....what kind of bank would you like to start saving that change?

 a piggy bank with lots of personality?

A bank that doesn't look like a bank at all?


or a bank that's is just a bit naughty and funny.


What ever you choose I hope you save lots and lots of money!  Blessings, Joanne

The Savings Experiment

How to save money using loose change


  1. I have a jar that will count the money as you put it in. I used that change I saved last year on our trip to Cancun. I had saved over $400. I was shocked how much we had in our jars. I have started over. I am thinking about an Ipod. Need something to listen to music.

  2. wow im feeling a little inspired by your post, what should i collect mine in?

  3. Inspiring. Have you ever read the book THE CHRISTMAS JAR? Same concept of saving coins in a jar - - but then the family gives it away to someone else at Christmas time.

    This last Christmas, we were the recipients of two such jars. HUGE blessing in our lives.

    Great post! Love it.
    And, I've given you an award!
    You can pick it up at:

  4. We have a coffee can. Hubby calls it his "retirement jar":)

  5. I save all of my quarters for doing laundry. (Boy do I miss having a washer and dryer) You have inspired me to save the rest of my change.

  6. We have a piggie bank - have had it for 30 years. we put all loose change in there, and before vacations, we empty it and invariably it buys us a dinner or two.

  7. Really interesting facts and cute pictures, I hope it gets people to thinking! So I said to Phil, "Hey, the average amount of change people carry a month is $30.00 to $40.00. He gave me a dry look and said "We're not average". Ha ha ha!! So great to be visiting you and your awesome blog again!!!

  8. my son has one of those that count the change as it goes in he is up to 25.00 just from pennies out of everyone car

  9. When my kids were little, loose change from their father's pocket went into a container that looked like a duck. In the summer, they called the fund, "save the ducks" and it was used for popsicles, candy, etc. after swimming, or when they wanted money for the ice cream vendor.

    I try to remember to save change for when the grandkids are here in the summer. They can divide it between them, and then they have their "own" money for popsicles, ice cream vendors, or a visit to the dollar store or the penny arcade.

  10. We have a couple change jars scattered around the house. It's amazing how much can be collected in those jars!

  11. I have a money tin that I use and also one for each of my grandchildren and often put change into them when the grandkids tins are full I take them up and bank the money into their savings accounts. I am a firm believer in saving it all adds up.


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