Monday, May 23, 2011

Couponing Show

          Have you seen this show?

It's all the buzz....or so their network keeps saying.
 I have to say it is entertaining up to a point. The formula to the show is a simple one. They follow a person who collects many many coupons and who buy tons of stuff paying very little if anything at all.

There is always a point in the show when.....horrors!!!!   the cash register freezes or ....gasp.....
                                                          the total is way higher than the couponer anticipated . ...but phew! its alright folks. A extra pile of coupons is found or the store manger gets the register working again. It was in the first show I watched where I saw a woman tell her husband that they needed more than 100 boxes of pasta...yikes! Are ya really going to be able to eat all that?
              Another cleared the shelves of mustard only to be reminded by her husband that he hates mustard! What I did find out is that alot of these people do donate their items to food pantries and that is a good thing.

I have also found out that there are some people that try to cheat by using coupons for other items not intended for discount by the manufacturers. There is a r-u-m-o-r that one of the show's extreme couponers did exactly that. 

 If true why she decided to do that on national TV with SO many savy couponers watching is beyond me....but I digress. Coupons are a great thing. The show pretty much shows you the same thing every week it seems...

get the store card- for added store savings
buy a Sunday news paper or two
clip those coupons/and or go on the Internet and download coupons
watch out for the weekly sales in circulars.

Look through the circular and see if you have matching coupons for extra savings. It will take a bit of time, but you will save money.

also check out for those cash register coupons too. they might have something that you can use.

Now back to the show. Do I like the show? It's OK. I do watch it once in a while. Do I think it will ruin couponing for those that use coupons regularly but that are not on the extreme level?

Well in my area Supermarkets have long ago adopted a limit to coupons that can be used for a particular item. At my store the number is Four. I think that's good. It gives everyone a chance to benefit from a good deal. Does this stop people from hoarding? Maybe not.  In the mean time those of us  "underachieving couponers" can get in there and get that box of healthy cereal that's on sale.
                                              source               hey who pasted this picture of that horrendously sugary cereal?

                                   fix it!

                  source                                    yep that's about right for me these days.

"Seriously, Joanne who are you trying to kid?"

"Be quiet!!"

"Tell the truth;  there is a box of Captain Crunch downstairs! I saw it behind the Fiber one cereal."

"I couldn't was my favorite growing up.....and....."

"And what?"

"It was on  SALE!!!!!!!!"

"Tsk...tsk...tsk.." hubby walks away disapprovingly shaking his head."

Do you use Coupons?
what is the best deal (with or without coupons) that you have ever gotten?

I'll start...when I first got married I came across a sale of beautiful Christmas dishes  70% off. I bought the set and that is what we use every year. I however did not take into account that our family would indeed grow and so for years I looked for more of the same set. It was discontinued. One day I walked past a thrift store and there in the window were the same dishes! I ran in and made my purchase. I paid only 10 dollars for the complete set. Did the happy dance all the way home.


  1. I do use coupons. I go to and My newspaper has coupons too.
    I have very well stocked shelves. LOL My Kroger store doubles coupons less than $1.

  2. When we had more people to feed, I used coupons. In fact, when the kids were little, I depended on them. Now, well, my shelves look rather bare. My mother-in-law is an expert at this coupon game. I even found a t-shirt that says "Yes, I have a coupon for that!". Fun blog.

  3. Great deal on the dishes!

    I don't use coupons, much.

    The best deal I get is when my grocery has vitamins 1/2 price and I have a coupon, too. Sometimes I can get by just paying a few cents for the item. Woo HOO!

  4. Hmm. I'd like to use coupons effectively, but I'm afraid I don't take the time to do it.


    But, great post! Thanks.

  5. I coupon but darn if I can find the good ones like some of these ppl. I have no clue why you would love to have a stock pile of too many items!! Now I saw one that the person donated to their church and I thought that rocked. But why crap you won't use even if it is free.

    hehe love Captain Crunch BERRIES :)

  6. I hope you enjoy that Capn Crunch and you get that little bank or other fun surprise inside the box.

    I've never done the coupon thing. Occasionally, if it's available (in my face) at the store, I might pick it up and use it on an item I need.

    Be well.

  7. @ Beth~ I have gone on those sites too. They are great! My supermarket doubles too- up to 1.00 in fact they won't double the dollar so it's actually better to get a .75 cent coupon because that way you'd get 1.50 off when it's doubled.

    @ Susan Kane~I would love a shirt like that!

    @ Ma~ Thanks I always treat them like they were the most fragile things on Earth because chances are I will never find them again!

    @ Margo Kelly~ It does take a bit of time but I find it has taken less and less time the more I use them.

    @ Alexis AKA MOM~ I wonder how they get those awesome coupons too! and youre right...why have hundreds of one item it seems that they would expire before they could possibly be used

    @ Moms Couponing Madness~ LOL I know the feeling! I love getting a great deal!

    @ There's bank inside?.....SCORE!!!! LOL

  8. i do use coupons and i love them but my method is very differetn i only use coupons for stuff i actual will eat or use and i match them to my weekly grocery list. i do not buy stuff just because i have a coupon or because it's on sale. I can usual save 25 to 35 dollars weekly which not to bad and we have planty of cocoa puffs should the store ever run out.

    My Life

  9. @ Becca~ Awesome! I do the same thing (except for the Captain Crunch incident! ;O)) I have saved up to 50 bucks in a week! I know that it might not seem like alot to extreme couponers but every little bit helps.

  10. We don't have coupons here in Aus like you do although I wish we did at times.


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