Sunday, January 02, 2011

No Sick Day For Mom

Greetings workshop
            As I mentioned in another post my Daughter got sick on Christmas night. High fever, chills, aches you name it. The next day she still had the cough but felt 100% better. A day after that she was her normal healthy self. She has a great immune system God Bless her. I, on the other hand feel like crapity crap crap. I have what she had but it's lasted for much longer. I am amazed at her ability to bounce back quickly. And I am also amazed at how my bug has beat me to a pulp. I walk around with a fever, aches and a hacking cough and let me tell you it is not pretty. When I have a  coughing fit it lasts FOREVER. No lady-like ahem ahem here. My face gets contorted , I can't catch my breath and I make sounds that I can only liken to a dying seal. Everything hurts and yet I have to trudge along. I mean Moms don't get sick right?'s not allowed.

           It starts at the hospital where we give birth. We push out a human being through a place that we think could not possibly fit a baby or worst they cut us open and demand that we walk around hours after giving birth. I am convinced If men gave birth they would be in hospital for a month with daily massages, Sports Center in HD and round the clock nanny and personal chef. Yes,  have spent the day resentful of my husband. All I wanted was for someone to make me some tea. Just put a stinking tea bag in some hot water and voila. Did I ask for one? NOOO! He should just KNOW that is what I need. That would have made me feel better. Everyone wants to feel taken cared of when we're sick right? I mean we are moms...when we are cut do we not bleed? When we're sad do we not cry? When we are hacking like seals do we not need a little nurturing too?  But, moms are not supposed to be sick. I know my mom waited until her kids were grown to do all that illness stuff. Just when I had lost all faith in my family.....after a particularly bad coughing fit my son asked "Mom... are you OK?" I said yes. There, was that so hard people? A little empathy is all I ask. I spent the next ten minutes making tea, then starting dinner and giving my husband dirty looks when he wasn't looking. I looked at the "MOM Handbook" that was given to me at the hospital and good golly there it is.....Now that you are a mom you will not get sick until your children are 21 years of age.....well that's it I broke the rule. And as a mom I do not like to break the rules....I guess I'm not sick after all....cough cough hack hack cough ahchooooo wheeze uuuugh.


  1. hope you feel better soon big hugs and here's your hot tea c[*]

  2. Thanks! That is so cute! I have to remember that one.


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