Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten Minutes to Write About Girl Scouts

   Now until what seems like a year;  my life is going to consist of.....cookies. Girl Scout cookies. My daughter and her friends have been in the same troop since they were sweet little Brownies. The G.S. moms fully expected that the Girls would want to no longer be G.S. once they entered Middle School, but  to our surprise they did. The girls do a lot of volunteer work; they have visited nursing homes, they collect food for the food drive (mostly in the rain it seems) , they hand stitched pillows for cardiac patients, they march in the Memorial Day parade and put flags down on our local Veterans Cemetery along with the hundreds of other Girl and Boy scouts. With all this they are only known for ...cookies. That's a shame. Today I read in our local paper about a young man who made Eagle Scout. There he stood tall and proud of this wonderful accomplishment. Now, did you know that the girls Scouts have their own award? No? I'm not surprised. It never makes the papers. Ever. It's called the Gold Award. A few years ago while driving to the Vets Cemetery we followed the signs that read Boy Scouts Entrance. No acknowledgement of the girls at all. The girls  didn't seem to mind . While they placed the flags careful not to disturb anything a family came over and thanked them for what they were doing. This family had lost their soldier. The girls accepted their thanks and returned to task at hand. I was so proud of them. The girls took the time to read the tombstone names out loud. The next time the paper came out there was a nice picture of some Boys Scouts at the ceremony. The girls are gracious and they are giggley and they are loving and they are kind. Next time you buy a box of Girl Scout cookies please know that that's not all they do. That's not all they are. Goodnight ,  tomorrow after school we will be off to see if anyone wants to buy some thin mints or trefoils.


  1. best thing about girl scouts cookies especially the thin mints

  2. Wow only saying Boys, glad the kids didn't notice or mind. Very kind of them to do onto others like that!


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