Friday, January 21, 2011

More Norman Rockwell

Girl at the Mirror oil painting Post Cover 3/6/1954
And now a bit more from my Favorite Artist Norman Rockwell. I wanted to stick within a theme of "childhood". First one up is  Girl at the Mirror 1954. Since my own daughter is about the same age as the girl in the painting it moves me. She is looking at her own beautiful face thinking "when will I look more grown up?" She is holding a magazine ( how many times did we do this as teens?) On the floor tossed to the side is her doll. At her feet is her brush and comb and a lipstick. Kind of caught between two worlds. Bittersweet for me right now as I look at my own daughter.

Home From Camp Top Value Enterprises,Inc Stamps Cover, 1968
The next is called Home from Camp 1968. Here we see the little boy back from his adventure away at summer camp. The door is left a bit opened because in their joy no one thought to close it and what kid has ever closed a door without being told to anyway right? Look at the way Rockwell  captures the pride in the Dad's face. Look at Mom. she is just so happy her baby is home. It seems that she is saying "Oh, let me just look at you!!!!" Her face says it all. She sees a difference in her child and wants to soak it in. The boy is proud and so happy to be missed and loved. Look at the birdhouse he made just for mom. and he even sports what seems like a tiny band-aid on his finger. Even their dog is happy to have his buddy back.

Breaking Home Ties Oil painting Post cover  9/25/1954
This one is called Breaking Home Ties 1954. This one makes me a bit sad. Father and son are waiting. For a bus? Train? the son sits straight and seems ready for the world in his brand new suit and tie. He has his books and even a sticker of the school he is about to call home for the next four years. He is eagerly looking forward to his future and the start of his life. Dad on the other hand looks to the past it seems. His hands are that of a working man's hands. His clothes are old. He's here to see his son off. My guess is that he has worked hard all his life to provide a better life for his son, but this day the day he has worked for now brings him alot of sadness too. The dog feeling that he is about to lose his best friend lovingly rests his head on the the young man's lap. I love this painting it's one of my absolute favorites.

I hope you enjoyed these. Have a great day. Blessings, Joanne

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  1. these pictures take me back to childhood and sitting in my grandmas kitchen


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