Monday, January 17, 2011

January....The Start of "Dream Hunting" Season

        OK, I have taken the month of January for alot of reflection and to tell you the truth for alot of "dream hunting." I call it that because I want to actively go out and try to make these things happen. First, I want to have my work published. Late last year I started to send out my manuscripts again (after a long long time between submissions) and about a week ago I got the the first rejection of the year. I am not going to lie; whenever I send out my stories I have an almost giddy sense that maybe this time.....but inevitably my S.A.S.E comes back to me. This time the story pages seemed as crisp and untouched as when I sent them. Made me sad for about a minute (or ten). Can't get discouraged right? Just like every year I enter an open call at an art museum. The delight that I get preparing and choosing a piece that I will submit is exciting to me. I join all of the other hopefuls in filling out the entry cards. A few days later I call and ......well lets just say I have quite a collection growing. My Husband, as much as he'd like to understand ...doesn't. He is supportive, and delights in my happiness but he doesn't get why writing in general or even in this Blog is so important to me. That makes me a bit sad. The best thing about January is that it's the beginning. The year can turn into anything but right now its a clean page with all the possibilities of an awesome story.  I want adventure and love, suspense and victory. Will it happen? we shall see.  Lets see Chapter one....
                                           She went to her mail box and found that instead of her story hiding behind a kind but boring form letter, there awaited a dream come true.....................

One day.  What does your story read like?   Blessings, Joanne


  1. Wish I had the courage to send some of my stuff out.

    First, I don't know if I have enough. Second, not sure how I would handle them kicking it back.

    You are the second person to put my Button Up -- Thank You and to Use it to advertise MUSIC Mondaze is just fantastic.

    Back to your Post -- More Power to you and Good luck with your submissions. Eventually something will land for you.

    Anything at Anytime


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