Monday, January 24, 2011

Envy Soup

       As you know I am a Christian. I am not a perfect Christian. I think there is no such thing; though some people might lead you to believe that they are by the way they preach at you. I'm trying to learn. I am trying to be a better Child of Christ and most of all I'm trying to "walk the walk". I try to do unto others and love my brothers and sisters. All that being said during the past few days I have been stewing in a sticky nasty pot of Envy soup.  A few posts back I wrote how I am trying to get my work published. Every night I sit at my computer and tap tap tap til the wee hours and with a hopeful heart I await a response. Where does that green Monster called jealousy come in?........I WANT TO KNOW HOW THE HELL DOES SNOOKI GET A FREAKIN' BOOK DEAL?????!!!! People, people please I need to know is it in the Bible? Because if this isn't one of the signs of end times, it should be. It should be up there with plague of locusts and world wide flooding. I know I know you may say sour grapes Joanne sour grapes. And perhaps it is. I have not read her book.  For all I know she is a delightful young woman with a knack for weaving an awesomely good story..............(I think my bowels just twisted) I don't get it. And what bothers me more is that it Bothers me...really bothers me. I am jealous of Snooki. There, the shame of it all might very well kill me, but its out there..onto the universe with you Envious thoughts;  may I never see you or Snookie's book again. Ahh I feel better already.  ;0)
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  1. i still can't believe she has a book either very scary

  2. Oh girl that made me sick when I heard that book came out. What the heck, it's because people are obsessed with reality tv stars and will buy a book that is about nothing but things this person couldn't even write themselves and probably had someone write for them.

    I find that we can only do our best, I know I'm far from a perfect Christian but I what I can and know I'm working on it :)


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