Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm Adding a Little Red to My January Blues

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       January has and always been a tough month for us here in our neck of the woods. Bills fly in and clog the mailbox. The repacking of all my kids home-made ornaments make me a bit sad. The Birth of winter has now become a bone chillin' freeze. January has always meant alot of contemplation and every year the journey of January becomes more convoluted and dire. Dumb. I don't why it has to be that way though. A few days ago Dan at http://anythingatanytime.blogspot.com/   Had a wonderful post about looking ahead and in his post one could actually feel his renewed strength. He wrote with joy. Another Blogger Becca at http://becca-mycrazystuff.blogspot.com/  wrote about her non resolution beliefs and her yearning for people to be satisfied with just who they are. Great Bloggers. Great posts. I feel I fall somewhere in between those sentiments...kind of planted  between renewed strength and saying you know what? I am alive, healthy and if the world can't see that as awesome too freakin' bad.  When I was first told I had cancer and then I accepted that I had cancer (two very different states of mind I can assure you) I was shoved into the reality that I might leave my kids and Husband....but something else happened. A strength that I had no idea I had (gift of God) and an appreciation of here and now. NOW this moment was the most important moment. I had quietly accepted the fact that "OK, I may die from this...but it won't be today. I will not die today from cancer."  I am OK now, and since we cannot possibly live in a state of alarm 24-7... I have settled into a comfortable fluffy state of complacency. Every now and again I need that nudge to let me know hey Joanne this moment is important too;  make the best of it now. My Dad used to say Tomorrow is not guaranteed to you...today is what is real. So I have chosen for January to be not a month to just get through. I will enjoy it make the best of it. No dread, no blues. Just greens and whites and in your face celebration reds.  Today I am going to take ten minutes to buy some flowers for myself and my Mom. She needs a here and now smile too.


  1. aw thank you for the blog mention and i hope your January is all you want it to be

  2. You phrase, "we cannot possibly live in a state of alarm 24-7" really spoke to me. January is a rough month to get through. I think the flowers idea is a great thing to do. God Bless.

  3. Mama's brother had a great Christmas with family! Flew to Texas to see the grand kids. Monday, was told he has 3 brain tumors - what are you going to do with today?

  4. Today I'm praying for your Brother-in-law. God Bless, Joanne

  5. Took me a couple of days to get to it, but great post and not because you mentioned my Blog... LOL.

    Really good post, as you know a Similar boat but still try and keep a good attitude about it but as you know, Sometimes we can get caught from behind when we least expect it.

    Thanks for your Comments.
    I enjoy when you stop by and leave a short message.
    Almost like a 10 - 20 second cup of tea to say Hi.

    Anything at Anytime


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