Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simple Girl

Stand Back Guys...I'm Goin' In!!
       I'm a simple girl. No, not simpleton...simple girl. Yesterday I had to go shopping for clothes. Jeans. Now before I dive into a rant about jeans (Been there done that see post "Jeans ") I was looking around and I saw this woman who looked so tired. She was a bit unkempt ed, slumped with the weight of the world it seemed. She wore no makeup and her hair was gathered back in a haphazard ponytail. Holy Fa-moleys its me. I was looking at my own reflection!.
"What happened?" I asked myself. How did I go from a girl who wouldn't leave the house without make up to a girl who has gone to the school bus in the morning with two different shoes on....OK my daughter was in kindergarten and I had a toddler in tow...good excuse..hardly. I bet Michelle Duggar from 45 kids and counting never did that...explanation...I'm a MESS.  I used the excuse "Well, I'm a plain Jane, simple girl"....wrong no plain Jane here. In my twenties I was hot....smokin' even. (OK...notice how when you're in your twenties and say "Oh I hate this about myself and that about myself" You nit pick about flaws that are barely there or just dissatisfied with the whole look in general...but when you see those old pictures now you say..."Damn I looked good! I was a fine hot mama." Well, That whats happening here.) Going down memory lane makes me feel old and tired. So new day? New me sort of. Today I'm breaking out the make up, dusting it off, pushing away the cob webs and slappin' on some goo. I fixed my hair and put aside my sneakers for some cool heeled boots. Before I go out I take ten minutes to assess the situation. My feet hurt already and I think I have mascara in my eye but I'm off. Not smokin...but maybe smoldering just a bit.  ;0)

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  1. smoldering works!!! I would find dog hair or something all over me, even some powder left over from my rush to put it on my face on my chest and probably some tooth paste left on my check but darn it I'm going out!!! LOL


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