Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Few Tips to Fight the Winter Blaaaahs

From my handy dandy greetings workshop
         The winter blaaaaaaaaaahs. They last from about January 2nd to about March 20th or so. The winter blahs make you sleepy and sluggish. I think its our prehistoric way our body says  "Hey its still dark out....Go Back to bed and SLEEP." But we are a civilized society,  we must get up in darkness and move and fight through the blaaaaaaaahs. Everything seems to irritate me. Everything from the laundry that is still drying downstairs at the hour of 12:46am to the clutter on the kitchen table that everyone think fairies come late at night to clear away. I want to eat all the time. ALL the Time. And even the fact that we have to suit up every time we go out into the cold is annoying. Here are some of the things that I do to keep the blaaaaaahs from taking over..

1.    I try not to look back on past vacations but to look forward to new adventures. I start to plan our next vacation or Camping trip, Day trips, picnics, barbecues; This keeps me happy. Call your local library and find out what activities they have planned. My Library always has something going on.

2.   Plan a special themed lunch with friends.

3.   I start to mentally plan my garden. Last year my husband cleared a spot where he filled with organic soil and we planted a sweet vegetable garden. a smile on my face is forming....

4.   I download and print out pictures of spring and then tape them to my fridge. Gives me a view and feel of what is to come.

5.   Buy and display some sun-catchers to grab a bit of sunshine.

6.   Make some lemonade. Take ten minutes to drink in sunshine.

7.   Every now and then I buy flowers. There is no bettter way to brighten up a room.

That's it. ahhh I feel better already. I hope you can benefit from this list too.  wait..the news is on ...oh....more snow....excuse me while I cry in my lemonade.  ;0)


  1. Some great tips to brighten gloomy days.

    For the most part I enjoy winter though. Probably because I get to stay indoors and work on my multiple fun hobbies. :)

  2. These are great ideas! I might just have to go buy some flowers now :)


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