Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Inner Child...I need You Today.

     The sun peeked its head out but quickly retreated; I guess he knows we are all mad at him...big sissy. Even if he had stayed out it wouldn't be enough to get me out of this yuck mood I have been in all day. I must retreat. I have to go somewhere comfy cozy and warm....Bahamas? I wish;  no I'm talking about going into that childhood part of us that hasn't been scooped out  by everyday grown up drudgery. Some people find that place when they hear old music. Some when they eat childhood type goodies like ding dongs and yodels. Me...I love dollhouses. I love 'em. See post Dollhouse . I could look at them forever and never get bored. I have a few pictures to share.

The first Time I ever saw a picture of the Colleen Moore fairy Castle My Husband and I were in a book store and I caught a glimpse of the book Within The Fairy Castle  written for and by the Museum of Science And Industry in Chicago where the castle all seven feet high one ton of it resides. Colleen Moore was a famous Silent picture actress that commissioned the castle to be made. It was constructed by famous designers and experts in lighting and replicating famous works of art.

 Collen Moore even used family heirlooms like her Grandmother's brooch and pearls to create the Golden cradle in the tree (rock-a-bye-baby) as part of the garden of the Castle. She commissioned famous artist from all around the world to create the masterpiece that is this "doll house". I think it truly is a work of art.

Notice the suit of armour and the incredible detail above the entrance way. The glass was intricately etched...beautiful doesn't describe it.

Colleen Moore

 I kept going back to where the book rested in its place at the book store and ultimately decided that it was a frivolous purchase and was not needed. Later on I saw my Husband walking toward the cashier with the book in his hands. I guess he saw how much my inner child wanted that book. It is still one of my favorites. Today, I kept the blahs away for at least...ten minutes by looking through one of my favorite coffee table books.


  1. I will have to put this spot to visit on my bucket list.

    I love that you have such a sweet and thoughtful husband. Enjoy looking at those pictures over and over again.

  2. @Retired English Teacher~ You and I can go together! I am dying to go to see it in person.

  3. Love this, I just turned 41 in jan and i still feel like a kid. Never Never land for me please!! lol

  4. @Looking Glass Miniatures~I agree,the ground is too boring and serious. I like it up here in lala land!!!LOL

  5. Wow gorgeous! Looks like an amazing book.


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