Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Imagine if.........

          Have you ever played the imagine if game? You might have played it in your mind or maybe with a friend...Ex imagine if you won the lottery what would you do? I play that mental game at times when I'm bored or waiting at an office waiting room. so here goes....

Imagine if snow wasn't white. What if it were blue? or green or even brown? Then the weather person could actually say it looks like S#it out there and it would be true!

What if men had periods....then all the maxi-pad ads on TV would show someone pouring that blue liquid into a big cylinder tube shaped pad.

Imagine if there were trees that bore whole meals "Hey Hun, could you go out and pick some meatloaf  I thought I saw some ripe ones " a dream come true.

Imagine if passing gas took the place of hand shaking "Nice to meet you Mr. Smith paatratatatatatatatat."
"Like -wise Pisssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Imagine if high fashion meant walking around in pj's and a robe...bliss

Imagine instead of a turkey for thanksgiving the bird of choice was Emu.

Imagine if there was one day a year where you could smack someone with all your might without fear of retaliation or punishment of any kind? The I.R.S.dept. would have a line from here to the moon. But think about it what if?..then everyone would be kind, sensitive, caring and respectful; because if they weren't come January 19th  you could just walk up to that rude s.o.b and smack the teeth right out of his gums.

Imagine if work was like nursery school  "OK people it's time for snack and then nap-time!"

Imagine if it were mandatory for the wives of world leaders to take part in all meetings.  The number of sons sent to war would diminish greatly. And we'd have all the scoop about leaders personal lives.
 "Oh yes, Barack does that too...I almost fell into the toilet just last night!"
"Please girl, I can't even remember when was the last time Shimon bought me flowers ."
"Well at least you can take a vacation now and then; Benjamin won't even take me to the movies!"
"Well, Hujuntao's  Mother is just driving me crazy!"   What can I say women share.

That is just some of the nonsense rattling around in my head this morning. Hope it made you smile. or at least say hummmmmmmmmmm.

Can you add some of your own? I bet you can.


  1. oh honey you had me at Pj's and robes i could so imagine that i'd be in heaven

  2. Im with you on the PJ's!! I play this game alot!!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog!! We had a great time away, I just need to post about it. lol



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