Monday, January 24, 2011

Sorry if anyone has had trouble getting on my blog lately. Something is playing havoc with my blog. It caused it to essentially tell alot of people that my blog was not found at all. I am trying to fix it , its is very frustrating. has anyone else had this problem? When I went to the blogger help site it suggested that I get rid of gadgets. I got rid of two and when I went to my stats and posted this post it did not imediately go to this other site but only time will tell. I am so computer illiterate i find most of tht time i am lost. Ex. It took me two days to figure out how to make a button for my blog. and even so it would either show up as gigantic or teeny tiny...i chose teeny....will i ever get the hang of this?  :0(  Then to top things off some "spam-ish" sites are using my blog as "contributors" when I have not given permission for them to do so. Kind of creepy. and annoying.
BTW the web sites are call and they seem to be spam . they seem to as soon as you post have several hits on the post that was just listed . in fact when I went to blogger help there are several people that this is affecting. I only found out because I went to the stats and there were sevearl times that these sites were listed in a very short period of time. it seems as soon as you post they are there. is anyone else having this problem? i mean whats their deal? creepola! I reported them to Blogger as spam.

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