Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time To Remember a Laugh

  Since it's that time of year when people get the blahs and blues... I have compiled my version of some of the funniest scenes in films. My own opinion naturally and if you have any others please feel free to add.

 The first one that come to mind is Porky's. It was a dumb teen comedy that I saw on a date a long long long time ago and cried my mascara off at the scene when  a few male teachers and a female coach are all in the Principal's office to discuss the recent flashing of one of the male students. How the female actress did not laugh is beyond me. They all end up laughing hysterically as the principal considers a line up to examine  "Tallywackers".

Next has to go to one of my all time faves. Animal house. It was the scene when John Belushi's character is walking down the stairs to hear a guitar playing beatnik singing to a bunch of girls. He proceeds to destroy the guy's guitar. Then there's the scene with the horse that dies in the dean's office. That was so didn't want to laugh but it was so ridiculous you just had to.
 "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!!!!!"
"Forget it he's on a roll."

Blazing Saddles was such a guy flix but there were two scenes...the first is when all the cowboys are sitting around the campfire eating beans then proceed to  fart away indiscriminately. And my favorite...the I'm Tired song from Madeline's khan's character.

Uncle Buck...the giant pancake that was flipped over with a shovel.

Planes trains and automobiles when Steve Martin's character dries his face with John Candy's huge underwear left in the bathroom to dry.

There's something about Mary scene when Ben Stillers Character gets his private parts caught in a zipper and his date's father asks him what is stuck
" Well, is it the Frank or the Beans?"

Young Frankenstein...The scene when Gene Wilder's Character tell the others..."No matter how much I beg or scream..Do not let me out." He goes into where the Monster is. One grunt from the Monster and he is begging to get out.
"Whats the matter with you people? I was only joking! Don't you know a joke when you hear it? Open the door or I'll kick your rotten heads in!!!!!!!!"

Hope this brought back some funny memories. Maybe you can remind me of more?


  1. omg i had forgotten some of those movies they where to funny thank you i needed the laugh

  2. I must have been doing some very bad things in my adolescence to have not had the time to have watched ANY of the movies you listed!

  3. @Becca-Glad it made you smile. I wished I could have had some actual clips but it just wouldn't work for me this time.

    @Sandra--LOL that's ok. You were probably working hard at good grades while the rest of us hung out at Arnolds with da Fonz...oops that was Happy Days see, I watched entirely too much junk. Thanks for your comment.


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