Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleepover tonight?....There Goes The Last of My Hearing

        Since there is no school tomorrow my daughter has asked if she could invite some of her friends over tonight.

I said.....wait let me see if I have any Advil left from the snow day last week. ...yep. good to go.

         What is it about pre-teen girls and the volume of their voices? Is it the emerging hormones that make them go up several octaves and increase the volume?

 One day my daughter had just one friend over. The phone rang and my own friend thought I was hosting a party with a whole gaggle of girls. " Nope, just the one." I said.

My Daughter had a birthday sleepover last year; I told her she had to keep the number at six. We went ice skating and then back to the house. It was quieter at the ice skating rink that was packed with people.

Throughout the night I kept envisioning opening the cupboard doors only to find all the glassware shattered under the pressure of mere sound.

Were birds at that moment dropping dead from their nesting slumber?

           Were the high pitch squeals being measured on some Japanese seismograph machine?

Wait maybe that's why whales are beaching themselves. Thats it!

The fault lies not on global warming but on some pre-teen girly sleepover nearby. Anyways....So They laughed and screamed and giggled their way to finally sleeping at...( I don't know the time cause my ear plugs and I were in la la land by 2am).

My sister-in-law once told me about a poem she read about the last time....The last time you change a diaper; The last time they need their  blankie...the last time they take a bottle...and how sad it is because a lot of the time we don't know it's the last time and we yearn to turn back for just a bit. I know that one day these sleepovers and the sound of their high pitched giggles will be echoed only in my memories. I'll try to remember that tonight as my eardrums bulge and head pounds with the sweet sweet sounds of pre-teen Opera.  I need at least ten minutes to me Lord

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  1. haha have fun my son had a sleepover last night and you would have thought a war was going on with the volume of their voices and the Wii


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