Friday, January 07, 2011

Four Letter Words

Four letter words can feed or starve a person
  For the last few days I have taken the time to "blog hop" I have discovered many many blogs. At times felt like some virtual peeping tom looking into people lives and pictures. I have found a few things. First there is a lot of sadness, disease and suffering. And there is also alot of joy and caring out there too. But the people who are suffering have touched my heart in such a way that it is almost overwhelming. Alot of blogs are host to people in great pain...people suffering with loss of some kind or the fear of what was to come. I don't like the word Hate but in this case I am going to use it.

I HATE Cancer
I HATE Depression
I HATE Diseases that swallow up people and rob them from their families
I HATE Loneliness
I HATE Despair
I HATE That one minute a grandfather is fine and the next he's told he has tumors in his brain
I HATE Suicide and the hell it leaves behind
I HATE intolerance
I HATE Doctors that feel they can treat people like they don't matter.
I HATE Abuse
I HATE cruelty
I HATE Indifference
I HATE Politicians who promise then forget
I HATE Places where it's OK to kill women just because

Now here's another four letter word


I LOVE family
I LOVE all the nurses that are sweet and compassionate to patients
I LOVE Doctors that dedicate their lives to saving people
I LOVE that there are people in this world that care to help others even when they themselves are hurting
I LOVE Faith
I LOVE people who practise what they preach
I LOVE Humor
I LOVE people who come together to help someone in need without being asked
I LOVE Babies and their ability to see past color of someone's skin
I LOVE Kindergarten philosophy---share, don't take too much, and play nice
I LOVE Peace

 Through out our lives these two emotions flow and mix together to create all shades of "in between".  They affect us positively and negatively. They prompt us to stagnate or to  move. to create or to destroy. to help or to hurt. But I'd like to think that through love Where God is. lies a power strong enough to move us to heal. so much more can be created, achieved, nurtured and saved through love. I have seen alot of Love in alot of the blogs I read. There that's it there ain't no more. I don't know why I have written all this. I don't know if it even makes sense. it's past two in the morning and had to write all this down to sort of scratch that writers itch that can only be relieved by seeing it in print. Here's hoping you feel LOVE today.


  1. Good Post!

    I have found that some of the Best Writings come from Pure Emotion and/or Lack of Sleep. LOL

    But Really, think about it. Those are the times you really see what is in the person to write.

    Good Late Night Post.

    makes on Ponder the realities.

    Anything at Anytime

  2. I love this post. I am with you on this list. I see your personality (blue and pink babies) coming through as well as your love and compassion. God bless.

    Thank you for your kind words on my post. They meant a great deal to me. I have remembered them as I go down the path that God is clearing for me.

  3. Found your site through becca.

    I am not a religious person, but I love love love this post.

    I was feeling down, but you cheered me up. Thanks for that.

  4. One of my favorite contributors on my blog is Ed. He has a lot of love and compassion for those around him and this world in general. There are those things he hates, but also those he loves. He has never said an unkind word to anyone on his blog or other blogs. most of the blogs that he goes to or follows are Christian oriented blogs such as my own Which surprises me - Ed is a for real Atheist. Mama and I met Ed a couple of years ago and had lunch with him - he has taught me that love and compassion go beyond our "religious" walls.

    He hates "cancer" as much as anyone. AN, he loves others with a passion. Just wish I would get to see him in eternity.

  5. I find that some Christians don't really walk the walk. I have a friend who says she doesn't beleive in God but acts more Christian than alot of people I know. I tell her all the time..."Your lips say no, but your actions say YES to HIM." she just looks at me and smiles. thanks for your comments. Blessings, Joanne


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