Thursday, January 20, 2011

For My Own Two Babies...Who Aren't Babies Anymore

     I logged on and saw that someone new commented on my blog exciting.  I went to her blog and found that she is expecting a baby. She is in incredible shape and has a great blog.  I have been "blog hopping" alot lately and there are alot of pregnant bloggers out there. Made me sentimental for days passed. So this post is dedicated to my own two babies J and D.

I miss buying clothes in the newborn section.
even though It's been more than nine years..I miss being pregnant.
I miss cute little curly pigtails
I miss baby giggles
I miss watching Sesame Street with you cuddled on the couch.
I miss having you around all day long
I miss the potty dance every time you went to the bathroom.
I miss the Tooth Fairy
I miss Fisher Price toys
I miss breast feeding
I miss teeny tiny baby food jars
I miss smushy kisses and toothless smiles
I miss quiet time before the beginning of day when it was just you and me

now this day...
I love that you are healthy
I love that you are a kind little boy
I love that you are a confident almost teen girl
I love that you love God
I love that you have your own sense of style
I love your joy in reading Harry Potter books
I love that you still smile when I visit your classroom.
I love your laugh it's so contagious
I love that you love and protect your Brother
I love that you love and protect your Sister
I love that I am still here with you to see you grow
I love right now
I love you both with all my heart.
When you were little I would think that it could not get any better.. When you were swaddled in your very first blanket. I thought that was the best time

When you said Mama for the first time..I thought that was the best time

When you started to read...I thought that was the best time.

I quickly find that here right now is what is best. I look at you both and know that God gave you to me. I strive everyday to be worthy of that gift. Thank you God.


  1. Oh, how we miss those baby times...but soon learn that each new stage in our children's lives are just as special...I lost my precious daughter, Jennifer, at the age of 28 from complications of her Cystic Fiborsis..I cherish all the memories that I have of her at each stage of her life...and am so grateful for the promise that I will be with her again, on the day that God chooses.

    I hope that your cancer stays away!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  2. i miss the baby stage as well


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