Sunday, January 30, 2011

My "Patton-ish" Speech...To Clean The House

   The time has come....This weekend the whole house is getting a scrub down. So I stood up in front of my family....OK more like yelled from the kitchen as they went about their business. (I almost wish I had the flag behind me) and reminiscent of George C. Scott in Patton said...

               OK, we are here today for one purpose and one purpose only
To Clean the house! Too long has that hamper bulged with laundry!
Too long has that clutter been residing on the kitchen table!
We will fight the tyranny that is dirt!
We will fight the invasion of dust bunnies and bring down the dreaded soap scum in the bathroom!
We will all pinch in and clean our rooms 'til we shine with pride!
We will not give up and run from scuff marks!
We will never let the enemy see us quiver underneath the strain of heavy mop and bucket!
OK can we do this?!!!
Your darn right we can! 'Cause that's our Family way!!!!!!
Now go out there and make me proud!!!!! 

D worked for about ten minutes before sitting down to play his D.S.
J pouted the whole twenty minutes she helped clean and hubby had to go to work...early. hum
My family is used to my shenanigans and my little speech did not inspire them at all.
Maybe next week I should try the speech with a more Brave Heart point of view. Now, where can I buy bright blue face paint? ;0)


  1. i should totally give myself that speeech

  2. hehe I did this speech this weekend and actually was amazed I got my butt in gear and did some of the cleaning lol.


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