Monday, January 10, 2011

And The Award Goes To....

 Today I received another award (thankyou again Becca) and I have a confession to make..when.I first got one I  didn't even know what they were and what I was supposed to do with it. So I have the first one there on the side bar of my post and since I just got another I figure it was time to pass along the first one I received.

The first Blog I wish to give the award to is to   Retired English Teacher at   Because her writing is straight from her heart.  Back in school my favorite teachers were always English teachers and I know I would have loved to have been in her class.
The next one goes to Looking Glass Miniatures at  She creates the most wonderful miniatures you have ever seen!  Creates mini worlds that you just want to get lost in.

Last but certainly not least  The Poetry of Lee Strong   Short poems I enjoy reading. Some are funny and others make you say hummmm.


  1. How sweet and thoughtful it is of you to give me an award. Thank you. Now, what do I do with it? I guess you will have to school me in that. :)

    You are too kind. I'm sure I would have loved to have you in class also. I loved teaching. I had many wonderful students. The best part of teaching was the relationships that are formed with students. I miss that.

  2. @Retired English Teacher---I bet they miss you too. to answer your question about what to do with paste it onto your blog then give it to a writer(s)of a blog that you like reading.

  3. Hi Joanne, thanks so much for thinking of me. Im so happy that I can share my love of mini's with others. My mind is always filled with far off places and little nooks to fill.LOL Jenn

    PS, just got back from Disney!! Amazing time again!!

  4. @Jenn--Welcome back! I'm so glad you had a great time at Disney. Thats my favorite place in the world!

  5. Thank you for the Award. I hadn't checked my poetry blog in a while, and was pleasantly surprised to find your kind comments.

  6. @Lee Strong~ You are very welcomed. I love your poetry and I hope others will stop by and enjoy it too!


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